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Of, relating to, or characteristic of a manager or management.

man′a·ge′ri·al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.managerially - in a managerial manner
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This may not be managerially convenient, from the viewpoint of defining responsibility for achieving such targets.
He affirmed full trust in His Highness's capabilities and farsighted vision to achieve a new athletic renaissance and lead the BOC to more accomplishments, athletically, managerially and technically, which will boost the BOC status on the global map of sports.
The company also has a special understanding of the unique survey research requirements for the industry's clinically, technologically and managerially diverse stakeholders.
While the Sindh government appoints the heads of both, the earlier arrangement was technically and managerially appropriate.
"Mass torts, class actions, product liability cases, intellectual property disputes, cases involving advanced scientific evidence, and cases involving multiple parties, among others, are managerially and substantively intricate and may require considerably more resources and effective management of techniques than other cases," Lewis wrote.
Nikki Clarke - Head of Journalism, BBC Wold Service Nikki is editorially and managerially responsible for the BBC's multimedia output across language services for audiences in Africa, Americas, Europe, East and South Asia.
There's a word for artists as ferociously talented, well connected, managerially savvy, financially successful and artistically adventurous as Ladenheim: impresario.
It aims to display the role of those who are scientifically and managerially exceptional, to honor them and support their status in society." "The Ministry of Education award for unique teachers has achieved remarkable success ever since it was launched; it encouraged educators to compete with each other in giving out their best.
Through data gained from a six-month ethnography, this book explores the reasons and conditions for frontline mining teams and supervisors to resist or facilitate managerially designed workplace change initiatives in the day-to-day running of the production process in a mining company in South Africa.
"I will not ever compare myself to him, ever - managerially or football-wise.
Collaborations like ours make great sense strategically, financially, and managerially, as they help focus human and materials resources, foster creativity and teamwork, engage colleagues, and expand learning and professional networks.