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v. man·aged, man·ag·ing, man·ag·es
a. To have charge of; direct or administer: manage a company; manage a portfolio of assets. See Synonyms at conduct.
b. To exert control over; regulate or limit toward a desired end: manage the news to minimize political repercussions; managed smokestack emissions.
c. To direct or supervise (employees or other staff): She manages 20 people in the department.
d. To act as the manager of (a performer, for example).
2. To succeed in accomplishing, achieving, or producing, especially with difficulty: managed to get a promotion; managed a polite goodbye.
3. To succeed in coping or dealing with: a drug that improves patients' ability to manage their disease.
1. To direct or conduct business affairs.
2. To continue to get along; carry on; cope: learning how to manage on my own.

[Italian maneggiare, from Vulgar Latin *manidiāre, from Latin manus, hand; see man- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) having administrative control or authority: a managing director.
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[ˈmænɪdʒɪŋ] CPD managing director N (Brit) → director(a) m/f gerente
managing editor Ndirector(a) m/f editorial
managing partner Nsocio mf gerente
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The conquest of the Henrietta, the bribery of the crew, Fogg managing the boat like a skilled seaman, amazed and confused him.
The way in which he had been managing his land revolted him and had lost all attraction for him.
The farming of the land, as he was managing it, had become not merely unattractive but revolting to him, and he could take no further interest in it.
What the Managing Committee of the Duskydale Institution thought of the change in me, I cannot imagine.
Fortunately, the Managing Committee relieved me of any perplexity on this head, by passing a resolution, one day, which called upon the President to remonstrate with me on my want of proper interest in the affairs of the Institution.
He asserted his position by calling the managing clerk Goodworthy.
What do you think of Fred going to live at Stone Court, and managing the land there?"
Digitalist Group (HEL: DIGIGR), a provider of information technology services, announced on Wednesday that as of 1 September 2018, Magnus Leijonborg, managing partner / chief technology officer; Mikko Mattinen, managing partner / chief client officer (starting on 1 October 2018; Esa Nettamo, managing partner / chief experience officer; Tony Grubb, managing partner; Pertti Hannelin, managing partner; Mikko Sjoblom, managing partner; Ville Osterlund, managing partner; Hanna Korhonen, group director, People and Competences, have been nominated as members of the company's leadership team.
The "Top Guns" for 2006 are: Robert Ageloff, managing principal; Martin Horner, managing principal; James Koster, senior managing director; and Derek Trulson, managing principal.
Effectively managing storage involves far more than ensuring enough capacity is available to meet increasing demand.
"The pressure to replace dwindling voice and access revenues with higher margin services is focusing all service providers' minds on delivering new managed services and applications, particularly managed IP voice services layered over data networks," said Enrico Deluchi, Managing Director, EMEA Business Development and Marketing, Service Provider Wireline, Cisco Systems.

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