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 (măn-dā′məs) Law
1. A writ issued by a court requiring a public official or entity to perform a duty associated with that office or entity.
2. A legal proceeding seeking such a writ.
tr.v. man·da·mused, man·da·mus·ing, man·da·mus·es
To serve or compel with such a writ.

[Latin mandāmus, we order (used in such a writ), first person pl. present tense of mandāre, to order; see man- in Indo-European roots.]
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n, pl -muses
(Law) law formerly a writ from, now an order of, a superior court commanding an inferior tribunal, public official, corporation, etc, to carry out a public duty
[C16: Latin, literally: we command, from mandāre to command]
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(mænˈdeɪ məs)

n., pl. -mus•es. Law.
a writ from a superior court commanding that a specified thing be done.
[< Latin mandāmus we command]
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An order issued by a superior court requiring a lower court or public official to do something.
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Noun1.mandamus - an extraordinary writ commanding an official to perform a ministerial act that the law recognizes as an absolute duty and not a matter for the official's discretionmandamus - an extraordinary writ commanding an official to perform a ministerial act that the law recognizes as an absolute duty and not a matter for the official's discretion; used only when all other judicial remedies fail
judicial writ, writ - (law) a legal document issued by a court or judicial officer
law, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"
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2005), the 10th Circuit analyzed the history of the Mandamus Act and noted that, traditionally, "mandamus was available against federal officials, but only in the [d]istrict [c]ourt for the District of Columbia," because that court had inherited the common law jurisdiction of the courts of Maryland.
She did that through a separate legal vehicle, called a writ of mandamus, which could allow the court to unilaterally reverse the commission's decision.
Sezincote, run alongside the same owner's Whitsbury Manor Stud, was, during Lonsdale's time, a source of good winners like Gulf Pearl, Aegean Blue, Bracey Bridge, Khaleka, Credo, Mandamus, Biskrah and Jacinth.
Earlier this year, Pleus, represented by Tallahassee attorney Sandy D'Alemberte, filed for a writ of mandamus from the Supreme Court, asking it to order Crist to fill the vacancy.
On January 9, 2009, the Illinois Supreme Court denied an original action for mandamus holding "that section 5(1) of the Secretary of State Act (15 ILCS 305/5(1) (West 2006)) is inapplicable to the Burris appointment, and that no further action is required by any officer of this state to make the appointment valid."
In November, the Oregon Supreme Court dismissed PACT's first lawsuit, a writ of mandamus, after the group attempted to bypass lower courts to ensure a speedier decision.
The Swedish property company Mandamus Fastigheter AB said on Monday (1 September) that it had sold its 9.1% shareholding, 5,538,460 shares, in the Swedish property company Klovern AB.
First, a thumbnail sketch of what the case holds and what the case asserts (in dictum): On application of William Marbury, the Supreme Court, acting (apparently) in original jurisdiction, issued an order to Secretary of State James Madison to show cause why a writ of mandamus should not be entered against him directing him to provide Marbury with his commission as a justice of the peace for the District of Columbia.
The petitioners had sought the issuance of a writ of kalikasan and a writ of continuing mandamus over the Ayungin Shoal, Panganiban Reef and Panatag Shoal.
The lawyer acting for the group, Tan Poh Lai, said that the High Court had previously allowed a mandamus order to be given to the Orang Asli.
The Court made the pronouncement in recent decision where it denied the petition for mandamus filed by Roderick Sumatra also known as Ha Datu Tawahig, tribal chieftain of Higaonon Tribe seeking to compel respondent Cebu Regional Trial Court Branch 12 Presiding Judge Estela Alma Singco and her corespondents, all public prosecutors from Cebu City to honor a January 3, 2007, resolution issued by a body known as the Dadantulan Tribal Court.