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n. pl. man·da·tar·ies
A person or nation receiving a mandate.


(ˈmæn dəˌtɛr i)

also mandatory

n., pl. -tar•ies also -tor•ies.
a person or nation holding a mandate.
[1605–15; < Late Latin]
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Noun1.mandatary - the recipient of a mandatemandatary - the recipient of a mandate    
recipient, receiver - a person who receives something
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QIO is 63.2% owned by Champion, with the remaining 36.8% equity interest owned by Ressources Quebec, acting as a mandatary of the Government of Quebec.
2004-566 of 17 june 2004, included in book iv of the public order code articles l 2422-5 to l 2422-11 to entrust the mandatary, who accepts it, to carry out the technical studies and work related to the 3 operations of the priority action plan for drinking water on the territory of baie-mahault , the content of which is described in the attached sheets.
A 45-strong list of players have been contacted about their availability for the summer training camps, all of whom must serve a mandatary five-week rest period before returning to rugby.
I can't forget the taste of pakoray, dahi bhallay, chat, kabab along with sharbat (Rooh Afza), which were mandatary in our Iftar," she said.
Zubair Ahmad Shad global fund operation manager said that it was mandatary for private practitioners and clinicians to report/provide data of TB patients to the PTP, if any suspected or confirmed TB patient visit their clinic so that proper and regular treatment could be provided to the TB patient.
"Zoran Zaev is the first mandatary who signs guarantees that he won't work against the highest state and national interests.
** Serbia's Foreign Minister, Ivica Dacic, said Wednesday that the mandatary of the new Macedonian government, Zoran Zaev, upset with his statements relations between Macedonia and Belgrade and that the insults he voiced against Serbia's leadership most certainly affected bilateral relations.
Several Chinese studies have pointed out a temporal association between the introduction of mandatary universal salt iodization in 1996 and a subsequent increase in the incidence of PTC [42].
And he continued his press blackout afterwards only speaking briefly in the mandatary conference for the top-three drivers.
It is only in the case of primary studies conducted among Aboriginal, Metis and Inuit people that there exists a requirement for mandatary participation of study subjects in the governance of the research and dissemination of results.
He said that one meeting of CCI was made mandatary within 90 days for
On May 4, less than an hour before a City Council meeting, the first since the mandatary water restriction was put into place, Worthington said she found the last piece of evidence she needed to make the city's case.