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1. An authoritative command or instruction.
2. A command or authorization given by a political electorate to the winner of an election.
a. A commission from the League of Nations authorizing a member nation to administer a territory.
b. A region under such administration.
4. Law The specific directive issued by a reviewing court to a lower court, as in requiring the lower court to enter a new judgment or to conduct further proceedings consistent with the reviewing court's ruling.
tr.v. man·dat·ed, man·dat·ing, man·dates
1. To assign (a colony or territory) to a specified nation under a mandate of the League of Nations.
2. To make mandatory, as by law; decree or require: mandated desegregation of public schools.

[Latin mandātum, from neuter past participle of mandāre, to order; see man- in Indo-European roots.]

man′da′tor n.


[ˈmændeɪtɪd] ADJ
1. [territory] → bajo mandato
2. [delegate] → encargado


adj mandated territoryMandatsgebiet nt
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There are far more state mandated benefits in effect than previously reported, according to Health Benefits Letter, which announced its newly-released study.
Common mandates include the Every Student Succeeds Act (the new version of No Child Left Behind, which includes federally mandated state tests); a federally mandated wage paid to workers of a particular function, known as the prevailing wage (which stipulates that contractors on contracts for public works projects receive the same type of wages and benefits as laborers in the private sector would receive); and human resource mandates (including mandatory leave granted for the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, workers' compensation, sick time, hourly rates, and so on).
Rhode Island and Virginia have the most mandated benefits (70 each) while Idaho has the least (13), according to the council, which says that state-mandated benefits can increase costs and make health insurance less affordable.
If the mandated volumes are greater than the amount blenders would use otherwise, then the mandates are binding.
If the amount appropriated to fund a mandate does not fully cover the mandated activity, the school district or private school may discontinue or modify the mandated activity so that the costs of compliance do not exceed the funding received.
In January 2001, we reported that Treasury instituted a formal process in 1999 to systematically promote congressionally mandated policies at the IMF.
Mandated benefit laws require health plans and insurers to offer or provide coverage for particular services, and/or types of providers, or laws may provide coverage for the treatment of specific diseases or conditions, such as coverage for pregnancy.
How can the IRS ensure the independence of Appeals (as mandated by IRS Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998) while intimating that valuation disputes--which are inherently factual--can be resolved in a formulary, cookie-cutter manner?
It's important to know that your data will be protected and easily accessible at all times during the government mandated time periods.
Often, some classes appear to cover repetitive, uninspiring topics simply to meet mandated requirements, rather than satisfying these standards in a self-directed study curriculum.
While good arguments exist for consumers to choose mandated coverages--like prostate and mammography exams--there's no reason responsible adults shouldn't be able to choose to pay for those coverages apart from the insurance company.