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1. An authoritative command or instruction.
2. A command or authorization given by a political electorate to the winner of an election.
a. A commission from the League of Nations authorizing a member nation to administer a territory.
b. A region under such administration.
4. Law The specific directive issued by a reviewing court to a lower court, as in requiring the lower court to enter a new judgment or to conduct further proceedings consistent with the reviewing court's ruling.
tr.v. man·dat·ed, man·dat·ing, man·dates
1. To assign (a colony or territory) to a specified nation under a mandate of the League of Nations.
2. To make mandatory, as by law; decree or require: mandated desegregation of public schools.

[Latin mandātum, from neuter past participle of mandāre, to order; see man- in Indo-European roots.]

man′da′tor n.
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Noun1.mandator - an authority who issues a mandatemandator - an authority who issues a mandate  
authority - (usually plural) persons who exercise (administrative) control over others; "the authorities have issued a curfew"
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I t is mandator y to follow good clinical prac tice teachings and specific protocols to the word.
Rick Perry should have been on your cover as a poster child of "crony fascism" for his role as a willful vaccine mandator.
However, if tracing is available in the context of misappropriated trust property, it is quite possible that the same technique could operate in other contexts; for example, where a mandatary misuses property belonging to the mandator, or an administrator of the property of a natural person misuses property under administration.
If you are in Yosemite it's almost mandator y to include a few days taking in the sights and sounds of one of America's best cities, San Francisco.
What will be left of the promises of new mandator Gruevski is left for us to see but more radical changes in the economy are indispensable to improve the Macedonian standard at a long-term.
800), which would make the E-Verify program mandator)', and permanent.
However, it is unclear whether these mandator rules fall within the exception under Article 6(c) of the Convention which allows for a court not chosen to accept proceedings, despite a jurisdiction agreement to the contrary.
(26) For example, the 1710 thesis of the aspiring advocate John Reid is influenced by Cujas, as is his construction, "Me suscipit ergo Advocatus: Ego sum Procuratori Mandator aut Dominus" (The advocate therefore supports me, but I am the mandator or master of the procurator): Disputatio Juridica ad Titulum 3.
said Monday one of its British units, Fujitsu Services Ltd., will launch a friendly tender offer for all the shares in Swedish information technology consultancy firm Mandator AB.
Fujitsu British unit announces tender offer for Sweden's Mandator
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-8 October 2007-Fujitsu Services makes cash offer for Swedish IT group Mandator AB(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Swedish IT consulting group Mandator AB said on Tuesday (21 November) that it has received a three-year IT consulting services framework contract from the Swedish airports and air navigation services provider LFV Group.