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Noun1.mandibular bone - the jaw in vertebrates that is hinged to open the mouthmandibular bone - the jaw in vertebrates that is hinged to open the mouth
gnathion - the most inferior point of the mandible in the midline
gonion - the craniometric point on either side at the apex of the lower jaw
mandibular notch - small indentation in the middle of the lower jawbone
pogonion - the craniometric point that is the most forward-projecting point on the anterior surface of the chin
symphysion - the most forward point of the alveolar process of the mandible
articulator - a movable speech organ
condylar process, condyloid process, mandibular condyle - the condyle of the ramus of the mandible that articulates with the skull
coronoid process of the mandible - the coronoid process that provides an attachment for the temporal muscle
jaw - the part of the skull of a vertebrate that frames the mouth and holds the teeth
lantern jaw - a long thin lower jaw
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Patients exhibited significant (p <.01) initial loss in mandibular bone height with decreased rate of mean resorption in the later period.
In their study evaluating mandibular bone density, body mass index, and radiomorphometric measurements on 136 panoramic radiographs, Knezovic Zlataric et al., found a correlation between bone mineral density and body mass index in all measurements including AGI (Knezovic Zlataric et al.).
Reconstruction of isolated mandibular bone defects with non-vascularized corticocancellous bone autograft and graft viability.
SSO with VSP preserved the cortical mandibular bone and the inferior alveolar neurovascular bundle in 3 patients with benign mandibular lesions.
Once the assembly of TMJ prostheses fixed to the mandibular bone is performed (Figure 3(a)), all the bodies, both the mandibular cortical bone and the two TMJ prosthesis components, were meshed using the 4-node tetrahedron C3D4 [22].
Even in patients with wider buccolingual alveolar bone width, insertion of short and wide implants may be questionable, as the preparation of mandibular bone for wide implants would leave only a slim cortical plate around implants after the insertion.
Mandibular bone defects caused by tumor resection, infection, trauma, or surgery are so common that they consume a large amount of medical resources [1].
These radiographic findings were consistent with a nonaggressive mandibular bone deformity (benign neoplasia) and/or mineralized mass (dystrophic calcification) of the rostral aspect of the mandible.
In mandibular bone defects, there are two types of reconstruction methods, namely avascular and vascular.