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1. The lower jaw of a vertebrate animal.
2. Either the upper or lower part of the beak in birds.
3. Any of various mouth organs of invertebrates used for seizing and biting food, especially either of a pair of such organs in insects and other arthropods.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Late Latin mandibula, from Latin mandere, to chew.]

man·dib′u·lar (-dĭb′yə-lər) adj.
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Adj.1.mandibular - relating to the lower jawmandibular - relating to the lower jaw    
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Mandibular fracture occurs in common location like body (29%), condyle (26%), angle (25%), symphysis (17%), ramus (4%) and coronoid process.
Medical records and information from the owner revealed that dogs had attacked the foal when he was 2 months old causing lacerations in the lips and gum, and complete mandibular fracture.
Mandibular fracture has been the most common maxillofacial fracture.
One of the most devastating consequences of periodontal disease is pathological mandibular fracture.
The conservation of the impacted teeth can lead to difficulties such as mandibular fracture, resorption of the root of the adjacent teeth, and associated pathologies (9).
In this study we used different available treatment options for mandibular fracture and compared the complications associated with various treatment options.
The clinical and radiographic examination of the alveoler bone showed a fracture, along with the mandibular fracture and significant segment mobility and dislocation of several immature mandibular permanent incisors.
The aim of mandibular fracture treatment is the restoration of anatomical form and function, with particular care to establish the occlusion.
Tape muzzle and modified aluminium splint were applied as external coaptation for additional support to mandibular fracture (Fig.
A case of bilateral mandibular fracture in a juvenile mute swan has been described (19); it was managed successfully with a unilateral, uniplanar external skeletal fixator applied on both sides of the jaw, with 2 pins in either side of the fracture.
He was previously admitted at the Emergency Department of another hospital after a motorbike accident and immediately transferred to our Unit of Maxillofacial Trauma with a diagnosis of Le Fort III fracture and mandibular fracture associated with active bleeding of the right buccal mucosa.
ClickPress, Sun Aug 30 2015] Craniomaxillofacial traumas caused by sports injuries and traffic accidents can result in frontal bone fracture, orbital fracture, maxillary fracture, and mandibular fracture.