mandibular gland

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Noun1.mandibular gland - a salivary gland inside the lower jaw on either side that produces most of the nocturnal salivamandibular gland - a salivary gland inside the lower jaw on either side that produces most of the nocturnal saliva; discharges saliva into the mouth under the tongue
salivary gland - any of three pairs of glands in the mouth and digestive system that secrete saliva for digestion
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1, 2) in the region of right sub mandibular gland. A preoperative fine needle aspiration showed features suggestive of reactive lymph node.
Anatomical sections of control and vehicle control mice fetuses showed normal left and right ventricles of brain, serous glands, intra-retinal space, lens, neural layer of retina, mandibular gland and cerebral aqua duct, hyaloid cavity, nasal septum and nasal cavity, primordium of frontal bone, follicle of vibrissae (Fig.
Rest 30(53%) patients were treated by sub mandibular gland excision.
Mandibular gland chemistry of grass-cutting ants: species, caste, and colony variation.
In the other tissues, the highest radioactivity was observed in the intestinal contents at 8 hours after administration; subsequently, readings in the pancreas, harderian gland, liver, and mandibular gland were high.
Quatro relatos de caso: Suppurative sialadenitis in mandibular gland of a dog--ultrasonographic aspect; Complicagoes pos-cirurgicas apos a excisao de carcinoma de celulas escamosas na regiao perianal em femea equina; Parasitism by dioctophyme renale (goeze, 1782) in maned wolf (chrysocyon brachyurus), Brazil; e Apresentagao atipica de tumor venereo transmissivel cutaneo em um cao.
Incision was given through skin, subcutaneous tissue and platysma muscle from the angle of the mandible caudally to the external jugular vein to expose the fibrous capsule of mandibular gland. The mandibular and sublingual salivary glands were exposed by retracting the digastrics muscles.
In domestic animals, the mandibular gland is long, bright yellow, curved and with concave dorsal margin and surrounded by a fibrous capsule that gives it its final form.
4- Soares EC, Costa FW, Pessoa RM, Bezerra Giant salivary calculus of the sub- mandibular gland. Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg.
The superficial mandibular gland of the rabbit: a new experimental model for scintigraphic evaluation of salivary glands.
These results may suggest that the nestmate recognition signal is a volatile compound, like the mandibular gland secretions, and that then is lost during isolation time, as is the case described in Atta laevigata (Hernandez et al.