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 (măn′də-lĭn′, măn′dl-ĭn)
A small lutelike instrument with a typically pear-shaped body and a straight fretted neck, having usually four sets of paired strings tuned in unison or octaves.

[French mandoline, from Italian mandolino, diminutive of mandola, lute, from French mandore, from Late Latin pandūra, three-string lute, from Greek pandoura, perhaps of Mesopotamian origin.]

man′do·lin′ist n.
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(ˌmændəˈlɪn) or


1. (Instruments) a plucked stringed instrument related to the lute, having four pairs of strings tuned in ascending fifths stretched over a small light body with a fretted fingerboard. It is usually played with a plectrum, long notes being sustained by the tremolo
2. (Cookery) a vegetable slicer consisting of a flat stainless-steel frame with adjustable cutting blades
[C18: via French from Italian mandolino, diminutive of mandora lute, ultimately from Greek pandoura musical instrument with three strings]
ˌmandoˈlinist n
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(ˈmæn dl ɪn, ˌmæn dlˈɪn)

a stringed musical instrument with a pear-shaped wooden body and a fretted neck.
[1700–10; < Italian mandolino, diminutive of mandola, mandora, < Latin pandūra 3-stringed lute < Greek pandoûra; compare bandore]
man`do•lin′ist, n.
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Noun1.mandolin - a stringed instrument related to the lute, usually played with a plectrummandolin - a stringed instrument related to the lute, usually played with a plectrum
chordophone - a stringed instrument of the group including harps, lutes, lyres, and zithers
fingerboard - a narrow strip of wood on the neck of some stringed instruments (violin or cello or guitar etc) where the strings are held against the wood with the fingers
mandola - an early type of mandolin
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mandoline [ˈmændəlɪn] Nmandolina f, bandolina f (LAm)
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[ˌmændəˈlɪn] nmandoline f
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nMandoline f
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mandoline [ˈmændəlɪn] nmandolino
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(ˈmӕndəlin) noun
a musical instrument similar to a guitar. He played a tune on the mandolin.
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"It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of a beloved family member, mandolinist, singer, songwriter and founder of The Jeff Austin Band, and Yonder Mountain String Band, Jeff Austin.
Further main attractions to the folk festival include Calum McIlroy, a guitarist, mandolinist and Scots singer from Elrick in Aberdeenshire.
For this show, Walsh has fiddler Ciaran Algar and mandolinist Nic Zuppardi helping out.
There's a 450-seater theatre in the new museum and we were lucky enough to hear legendary bluegrass mandolinist Sam Bush there and, the following day, on the museum's outdoor stage, 'progressive' bluegrass groups Front Country and Yonder Mountain String Band.
Various locations (see - Sat, 3 Nov U Rajesh in Conversation Join internationally-renowned mandolinist U Rajesh as he talks about Indian music today, in conversation with Milapfest's artistic director, Alok Nayak.
The Titanic Slipways in Belfast hosts Israeli mandolinist Avi Avital and Ultravox frontman Midge Ure, while saxophonist Jess Gillam and soul diva Gladys Knight draw the crowds in London's Hyde Park.
His hand-picked successor, mandolinist Chris Thile, is in his second season as the "A Prairie Home Companion" host.
As The New York Times noted in its obituary, "Rabbi Shenker composed more than 500 melodies, and they have been recorded not only by him, but also by other musicians, including the violinist Itzhak Perlman; Andy Statman, the klezmer clarinetist and bluegrass mandolinist; and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra."
Among the special stars of the evening not so far mentioned were the famous Italian mandolinist EmanueleBuzi from the Conservatorio do Polermo; special guest Iraqi-Hungarian, Omar Bashir on the oud; and, Eastern-style violinist, Tahra Al Balushi.
The concert, which will feature soloist mandolinist Avi Avital and be led by renowned conductor Miltos Logiadis, will firstly be performed in Larnaca on Wednesday, then in Limassol on Thursday and end in Nicosia on Friday.
The band includes Paul Harty, a vocalist, guitarist, mandolinist, fiddler and harmonicist, and Jim Murray, who plays guitar and mandolin.