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or man·dril  (măn′drəl)
1. A spindle or an axle used to secure or support material being machined or milled.
2. A metal rod or bar around which material, such as metal or glass, may be shaped.
3. A shaft on which a working tool is mounted, as in a dental drill.

[Possibly alteration of French mandrin, lathe, from Provençal mandre, axle, crank, from Old Provençal, beam of a balance, from Latin mamphur, bow-drill, perhaps from Oscan.]
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Noun1.mandril - any of various rotating shafts that serve as axes for larger rotating partsmandril - any of various rotating shafts that serve as axes for larger rotating parts
drive - (computer science) a device that writes data onto or reads data from a storage medium
rotating shaft, shaft - a revolving rod that transmits power or motion
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Among its biggest stakes are Indonesia's Bank Mandril (3.4%), Argentina's Banco Macro (3.3%), Indonesian conglomerate Astra International (3.2%), National Medical Care (3.2) of Saudi Arabia and Vietnamese shopping-mall operator Vincom Retail (3.1%).
A baby mandril has been added to the mandril family at Emirates Park Zoo and Resort.
KXOS-FM "Radio Centro" is the home of high-profile morning host Richardo "El Mandril" Sanchez , who exited KLAX in January 2014, immediately after his contract with SBS ended.
Therefore, in this paper, two different types of host color images such as Lena image and mandril image are used.
Table 3: unique Fingerprint ID [18] tore Minutiae angle integer priority position position angle x y x y 74 136 41 138 273.499999999994 273 PI 108 157 58.3000000000006 058 P2 38 99 223.499999999992 223 P3 106 180 35.6000000000002 035 P4 140 134 90.8999999999991 090 P5 50 205 341.000000000009 341 P6 Unique ID 273058223035090341 Table 4: evaluation of the proposed watermark method Image Name MSE PSNR Lena color 0.000081 89.02 cameraman 0.00009 88.57 jetplane 0.000091 88.51 livingroom 0.000109 87.74 Mandril color 0.000104 87.94 Peppers color 0.000096 88.27
Sparks, "Silicone mandril method for growing reinforced autogenous femoro-popliteal artery grafts in situ," Annals of Surgery, vol.
Speaking in a radio interview with El Show del Mandril the 50-year-old said: "When I met that man, I had a boyfriend and he tried to get his friend to get my home telephone number.
As orientacoes fisioterapeuticas repassadas aos familiares/cuidadores, no momento da alta hospitalar de pacientes traqueotomizados no Hospital em que se desenvolveu este estudo, envolvem desde os cuidados com o estoma, com o conjunto da traqueotomia; tecnica de aspiracao traqueal, a identificacao da necessidade de realizacao de inalacao com soro fisiologico a depender da viscosidade da secrecao traqueal aspirada, bem como a observacao de sinais de esforco respiratorio; higiene do mandril; fixacao do conjunto de traqueotomia e demais cuidados como o posicionamento no leito a fim de evitar contraturas musculares e mudancas de decubito para evitar ulceras de pressao.
It is a simple matter of dipping a mandril (an object in the inverse shape of what a manufacturer wants the produced object's shape to be) into plastisol, a suspension of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) particles in a liquid plasticizer, cooling and removing the hardened plastic object.