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1. An animal, such as a tiger, that eats or is reputed to eat human flesh.
2. A cannibal.
3. Slang A sexually aggressive woman who has multiple male sexual partners and is considered to be scheming or manipulative.

man′eat′ing adj.
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References in classic literature ?
Only the superstitious terror engendered in him by the stories poured into his ears by the whites and blacks of the Russian's party kept him from leaping upon Tarzan with his warriors and slaying him forthwith, for he and his people were inveterate maneaters. But the fear that he might indeed be a devil, and that out there in the jungle behind him his fierce demons waited to do his bidding, kept M'ganwazam from putting his desires into action.
The great carnivore let its head droop, and with tail between its legs came slinking to the girl's feet, and after it came the others until she was entirely surrounded by the savage maneaters.
Your maneater, as they of India call the tiger who has once tasted blood of the human, care no more for the other prey, but prowl unceasing till he get him.
He saw the girl fling a grimace at the angry, roaring, maneater beneath her, and then, laughing, speed away into the forest.
Both the maneaters had become infamous for preying on inebriated men.
"I want to show sharks are not monster maneaters but rather a superb species."
They believe that potential maneaters - like the beast in hit film Jaws - could be swimming in the waters off the Outer Hebrides.
THE problem for maneaters like FA secretary Faria Alam is that in their hunt for rich husbands they find only predatory swordsmen like Sven Goran Eriksson.
The Maneaters. We're a closet-case skateboarding team.
Together the small maneaters formed snowflake shapes, as shark, snow, and the surface and structure of the (inner) gallery melded together.
But the Manhattan maneaters - Kim, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon - will now grace the big screen.
This has also given rise to fears that wild animals, especially leopards, from the park could become maneaters.