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also ma·nege  (mă-nĕzh′)
1. The art of training and riding horses.
2. The movements and paces of a trained horse.
3. A school at which equestrianship is taught and horses are trained.

[French, from Italian maneggio, from maneggiare, to manage; see manage.]


(mæˈneɪʒ) or


1. (Horse Training, Riding & Manège) the art of training horses and riders. Compare dressage
2. (Horse Training, Riding & Manège) a riding school
[C17: via French from Italian maneggio, from maneggiare to manage]


or ma•nege

(mæˈnɛʒ, -ˈneɪʒ)

1. the art of training and riding horses.
2. the action, movements, or paces of a trained horse.
3. a school for training horses and teaching horsemanship.
[1635–45; < French < Italian maneggio; see manage]

manège, manege

1. the art and practice of horsemanship.
2. the special paces taught to a horse in training.
3. the school or academy where they are taught.
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Other facilities such as car parking, maneges, horse walkers, turn out areas, floodlights and gallops will also require planning consent.
[beaucoup moins que]Apres s'etre offert le Palais de Blenheim, en Angleterre (2016), le desert de Calabasas, en Californie (2017) et les maneges de Chantilly (2018) en France, la maison Dior a opte pour une destination plus ensoleillee pour l'organisation de son prochain defile croisiere[beaucoup plus grand que], rapportent des medias francais.
Its being marketed by some waste producers and brokers as a base material for horse maneges and track surfaces.
Retape a neuf avec une securite renforcee, cet espace de divertissement offre beaucoup de jeux et de maneges aux enfants.
EOS Rides (Maneges EOS), le designer italien de maneges, parcs a theme et attractions, en est aux ultimes etapes de la construction d'une geante animatronique d'un King Kong haut de 42 pieds (12, 8016 metres) a Carthageland Hammamet.
The competition though allowed him to see the equine facilities at the Moreton Morrell Centre, which include an indoor arena, covered and outdoor maneges, a cross country course, showjumps, and stabling for more than 100 horses.
Sequence cauchemardesque de plans de la fete montes en alternance avec ceux de la beuverie degenerant en viol--les images inserees montrent des attractions foraines de plus en plus brutales: grande roue majestueuse, chevaux de bois plus inquietants, puis montagnes russes et maneges aux nacelles tournoyantes.
TRC facilities include indoor and outdoor maneges, a round pen manege, a cross-country course, 25 boxes and 42 acres of pasture.
Like Karine Saporta, whose tasteless and sheerly bad piece about the Holocaust, L'lmpur, and merely indifferent work about romantic ballet, (Le Spectre) ou les Maneges du Ciel, had both been seen during the first week, Diverres heads one of the national Centres Choregraphiques.
In Les Maneges de la mer(1964; "Taming the Sea"), he lamented his lonely exile and the persecution of his people.