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 (măng′gə-bā′, -bē′)
n. pl. man·ga·beys
Any of various large forest-dwelling African monkeys of two genera, one (Cercocebus) consisting of chiefly terrestrial species, and the other (Lophocebus) consisting of chiefly arboreal species.

[After Mangabey, a place in Madagascar from which Georges Louis Leclerc de Buffon received specimens of the animals, which he erroneously believed were native to the island.]
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(Animals) any of several large agile arboreal Old World monkeys of the genus Cercocebus, of central Africa, having long limbs and tail and white upper eyelids
[C18: after the name of a region in Madagascar]
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Noun1.mangabey - large agile arboreal monkey with long limbs and tail and white upper eyelidsmangabey - large agile arboreal monkey with long limbs and tail and white upper eyelids
catarrhine, Old World monkey - of Africa or Arabia or Asia; having nonprehensile tails and nostrils close together
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WALES APE & MONKEY SANCTUARY The sanctuary, open daily from 10.30am to 5pm, rescues and provides a home for many types of unwanted animals, especially primates, such as chimpanzees, baboons, mandrills, spider monkeys, vervets, capuchins, mangabeys and marmosets.
These included both of the male western lowland gorillas, a giraffe, three white-naped mangabeys and an Amur tiger - of which there are only a few hundred still living in the wild.
Primatologist Alexander Mielke and his colleagues from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology have now investigated at Tai National Park, Cote d'Ivoire, which properties chimpanzees and sooty mangabeys take into account when selecting a grooming partner, and if the composition of their audience influences their decision.
Hilliard, "Serological evidence of alpha herpesvirus infection in sooty mangabeys," Journal of Medical Primatology, vol.
In golden-bellied mangabeys (Cercocebus galeritas), for example, aggressive facial displays were measured in a zoo setting (Mitchell et al., 1992).
Increased stability and limited proliferation of CD4+ central memory T cells differentiate nonprogressive simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) infection of sooty mangabeys from progressive SIV infection of rhesus macaques.
In SIV-infected sooty mangabeys (SMs), a natural host of SIV, [alpha]- and [theta]-defensin expression levels were elevated compared to those in SIV-infected macaques, and the lack of disease progression despite high levels of viral replication observed in SMs compared to macaques was in part attributed to an active downregulation of inflammation in SMs [65].
Old World monkeys are a diverse and widespread group, which includes African and Asian macaques, baboons, mangabeys, leaf monkeys and langurs.
Old World monkeys include African and Asian macaques, baboons, mangabeys, leaf monkeys and langurs.
The case described here suggests that mangabeys can be fatally infected with MPXV in nature and have high viral loads found in various tissues.