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1. An evergreen tree (Garcinia mangostana) of Southeast Asia, having thick leathery leaves and large edible fruit.
2. The fruit of this tree, having a hard purple rind containing several white juicy segments.

[Malay manggista, mangustan, variant of manggis.]


(ˈmæŋɡəʊˌstiːn) or


1. (Plants) an East Indian tree, Garcinia mangostana, with thick leathery leaves and edible fruit: family Clusiaceae
2. (Plants) the fruit of this tree, having a sweet juicy pulp and a hard skin
[C16: from Malay mangustan]


(ˈmæŋ gəˌstin)

1. the juicy, edible fruit of an East Indian tree, Garcinia mangostana.
2. the tree itself.
[1590–1600; < Dutch < Malay manggis(h)utan a variety of mangosteen (manggis mangosteen + hutan forest)]
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Noun1.mangosteen - East Indian tree with thick leathery leaves and edible fruitmangosteen - East Indian tree with thick leathery leaves and edible fruit
mangosteen - two- to three-inch tropical fruit with juicy flesh suggestive of both peaches and pineapples
Garcinia, genus Garcinia - evergreen trees and shrubs: mangosteens
fruit tree - tree bearing edible fruit
2.mangosteen - two- to three-inch tropical fruit with juicy flesh suggestive of both peaches and pineapplesmangosteen - two- to three-inch tropical fruit with juicy flesh suggestive of both peaches and pineapples
edible fruit - edible reproductive body of a seed plant especially one having sweet flesh
Garcinia mangostana, mangosteen, mangosteen tree - East Indian tree with thick leathery leaves and edible fruit
ثَمَر شَجَرَة جوز جَنْدَمشَجَرَة جوز جَنْدَم
mangostanasmangostano vaisius
mangostāna koksmangostāns
Hint şeftalisiHint şeftalisi ağacı


(ˈmӕŋgəstiːn) noun
1. the dark brown, orange-shaped fruit of an East Indian tree.
2. the tree.
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In addition, each can of Vemma Renew contains 12 full-spectrum vitamins, essential plant-sourced minerals, organic glyconutrient-rich aloe vera, whole-fruit mangosteen and decaffeinated organic green tea extract.
Some of the fresh fruits, oils and herbs introduced in her Spring menu are: Mangosteen for skin detox, anti-aging Tamanu oil, toning Elderberry oil, tonic Ashwagandha herb, and antioxidant Cranberry.
Washington, Apr 6 (ANI): XanGo Juice, a premium mangosteen beverage, can help lower marker of inflammation and improve weight and body fat, indicates a new study.
yuzu curd into tart until it reaches the top Arrange mangosteen segments
As far as fruit goes, the mangosteen might not be as ubiquitous as an apple but the exotic super fruit packs every bit as much nutrition--and then some.
In what promises to be big news in the culinary world in the coming months, fresh mangosteen from Puerto Rico has finally made its way into the United States--legally.
Atin then developed a premium line which consists of unexpected blends of fruit and spice such as mangosteen and black pepper, lychee and turmeric and coconut and green tea.
We have signed a memorandum of agreement with the Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD) for the conduct of passive seismic tomography to confirm our findings and refine the mapping structure of Mangosteen and Mabolo,' he said.
The Agusan del Sur contingent was composed of Cleotilde Potencioso of Cleo's Food Products, Madelyn Alvizo of Calabash "The Miracle" Fruit Juice, Ervian Sotis of ERMIX Mangosteen TEA, and Bernadette Auxillian of Pidol Miki.
The short Central American Mangosteen season has just about finished for the year.
Garcinia hombroniana Pierre, known as seashore mangosteen is endemic to Malaysia, and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands of the North Indian Ocean [13].
In terms of agricultural produce from the Philippines, large stocks of langsat, white onion, curly parsley, Philippine mango, garlic, morning glory leaves, bean sprout, paksoi, baby paksoi, saba, calamansi, guyabano, mangosteen (wild), jicamas, dragon fruit, durian, pomelo, papaya, tanglad, kamote (white and violet), kamias, ube, rambutan, pandan leaves, pineapple, banana, senorita banana, sweet corn and hass avocado will be available throughout the festival period.