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1. Pasta in large-sized tubes.
2. A dish consisting of such tubes stuffed with meat or cheese, usually served hot with a tomato sauce.

[Italian, pl. of manicotto, muff, from manica, sleeve, from Latin manicae, sleeves, from manus, hand; see man- in Indo-European roots.]


pl n
(Cookery) large tubular noodles, usually stuffed with ricotta cheese and baked in a tomato sauce
[Italian: sleeves, plural of manicotto, diminutive of manica sleeve]


(ˌmæn ɪˈkɒt i)

(used with a sing. or pl. v.) large tubular noodles usu. stuffed with a mild cheese and baked in a tomato sauce.
[1945–50; < Italian: pl. of manicotto muff, diminutive of manica sleeve]
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Noun1.manicotti - large pasta tubes stuffed with chopped meat or mild cheese and baked in tomato saucemanicotti - large pasta tubes stuffed with chopped meat or mild cheese and baked in tomato sauce
alimentary paste, pasta - shaped and dried dough made from flour and water and sometimes egg
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They serve subs, salads, bakery items and specialties such as lasagne, manicotti, spaghetti, etc..
Lay the rolled and filled pasta (manicotti) on the sauce in the baking dish.
In among all the whacking they'd feast on delicious never heard of, like manicotti, shcarole and gavadeel.
Joseph's products include stuffed cannelloni, stuffed ravioli, stuffed tortellini, gnocchi, and manicotti. Joseph's premium products are differentiated from its competitors' offerings as the company only uses the highest quality pasta and freshest ingredients.
Joseph's Pasta offers stuffed cannelloni, ravioli and tortellini as well as gnocchi and manicotti. The firm has more than 300 employees.
The varieties include: Shredded Chicken Enchiladas with Ancho Enchilada Sauce; Italian Herb Breaded Chicken & Mini Manicotti; Country-Style Chicken & Buttermilk Biscuits; Baked Penne Rigate & Italian-Style Meatballs; Seared Beef Chopped Steak with Home-Style Mashed Potatoes; Smokehouse BBQ Chicken & Mashed potatoes; Sizzlin' Fajita- Syle Chicken with Rice; and Saucy Chicken Stir-Fry with Rice.
Since graduating from Ole Miss several years ago, I have longed for the cheese-stuffed manicotti and marinara sauce of Old Venice Pizza on the Square in Oxford.
Soriah Cafe offers two choices - an intriguing manicotti featuring duck confit for $21 that is mouthwateringly good.
Mama Rosie's products have expanded beyond the original pasta products to now include manicotti, lasagna, stuffed shell entrees, potato gnocchi, tortellini, ricotta cavatelle and a new low Fat Ravioli made with whole grains.