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The manicurist and the barber are coming at six o'clock."
In Bataan, a 28-year-old manicurist told police her neighbor raped her while sleeping beside her partner in Barangay Sabang, Morong on Monday.
Attendees got a chance to sample the product and it is similar to gel nail polish, but with the added feature of using mobile designs a manicurist would otherwise be unable to replicate.
His on-demand services platform, called Singu, allows customers to summon a masseuse, manicurist, or other beauty professional to their home or office.
A 47-year-old manicurist was shot dead by an unidentified gunman at noon on Thursday (Sept.
For years, manicurist and salon owner Tina Bui suffered from headaches, allergies, skin irritation, and depression, but she didn't make the connection between her symptoms and the chemicals she had been working with every day for the previous 17 years.
For example, a dentist and manicurist can form a business that they call Tooth and Nail.
On her wedding day, manicurist Marina Sandoval from the Jo Hansford salon in Mayfair, London, designed the perfect colour for her.
WASHINGTON, D.C.--Zambian Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, who married a Korean manicurist five years ago in a Moonie ceremony but then left her after being threatened with excommunication, has announced that he's taking up the cause of reconciling the hierarchy with Catholic priests who left ordained ministry to marry.
Myly Vo, 33, has been working as a manicurist in Springfield, Massachusetts ever since she was laid off from her assembly job.
Emma has been named as a finalist for the firm's Skills Therapist Award and the Manicurist Award.