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n.1.(Zool.) Any species of the genus Manis, or family Manidæ.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Among the recipients were Aisa Peenkil Endaila, Engkal Akmad Guiamadel, Dimalen Among Salik, Usman Ebus Ebrahim, Aisa Sampan Omal, Saiba Anta Buisan, Liya Pendulat Milog, Kusay Liwa Undas, Melan Manid Pensing, Amoy Dandan Guiambangan, Saliya B.
According to police, Phalora police, on receiving information, recovered body of an old man from the fields in village Tharo Manid.
(6) There are three extant manuscripts of the Libro de buen amor, two dating from the fourteenth century, MSS G (RAE 19; BETA manid 2125) and T (BNE VITR/6/1; BETA manid 1469), and one from the fifteenth, MS S (Salamanca 2663; BETA manid 2127), as well as various fragments and citations of the Libro dating from the fifteenth century on that attest to the continued survival and circulation of the Archpriest's verses.
Adaoay teacher-in-charge, Arnold Manid, said this school, too, had problems that should be addressed before 2016 when the senior high school program is implemented.
As Internet manid sweeps through the industry, many wonder when--and how--hidebound home builders will enter the digital decade.
The extinct Patriomanis for the extant pangolin (Manis); Emry (1970) noted that the Oligocene Patriomanis is the first known member of the Manidae and described it as intermediate in many respects between the probable (more distant) manid ancestor Palaenodon and the modern genus.
Sub-Inspector Fiaz Akbar from Sabzi Manid police station apprehended Dost Muhammad for possessing 30 bore pistol while ASI Nur Elahi from Ramana police arrested two thieves Mukhtar Ahmed and Rubina Bibi.