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Possible to manipulate: a manipulable lever; a manipulable populace.

ma·nip′u·la·bil′i·ty n.
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Noun1.manipulability - the quality of being controllable by skilled movements of the handsmanipulability - the quality of being controllable by skilled movements of the hands
mobility - the quality of moving freely
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These problems of unbounded discretion and manipulability have always been among the criticisms of clear and present danger, but they express only one of its many difficulties.
But Zizek's point is of course completely different: "does imagining the consequences of the manipulability of our perception of time only along the lines of how it could render serving a prison sentence more productive not provide an extreme example of the misery and limitations of our imagination of the future?"
Woodward, James, 2016, "Causation and Manipulability", The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (edicion Invierno de 2016), Edward N.
Cumulation of responses from content quality of the ILMS question indicated that issues considered for content quality of ILMS among Nigerian university libraries were "understandability", "accuracy", "conciseness", "completeness" and "timeliness of the information provided as output" "meta-searching", "info-station for retrospective conversion in case of migration to a new system" and "manipulability" of the ILMS.
It also demonstrates the manipulability of grievances and religious sentiments, which can be escalated or de-escalated in line with the strategic goals of mobilization organizers and the political interests associated with them.
Oliver, "Phantom omni haptic device: kinematic and manipulability," 2009 Electronics, Robotics and Automotive Mechanics Conference (CERMA), 2009, pp.
In recent research studies, the research in [30] uses the Jacobian matrices to analyze the assistive isotropy and assistive efficiency; researchers in [31] use the global performance index to represent the dexterity, and the manipulability ellipsoids for the 4-DOF assistive robot is obtained in [32].
Additionally, a rigid endoscope was chosen for these operations considering its manipulability. The bony cavity was packed with artificial bone to prevent secondary infections and postoperative pathological fractures, and to prepare the mandible for subsequent dental implantation, if necessary.
Heidegger gives the example of a hammer to explain how its "specific 'manipulability'" (Heidegger, 2000: 98) is not an intrinsic property possessed by the tool, but, rather, lies in the action of hammering, which, by enabling production, connects materials and objects with human users of natural things, hence promotes relations and value creation--"involvement" (p.
position, or their manipulability, rather than for reasons directly