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Possible to manipulate: a manipulable lever; a manipulable populace.

ma·nip′u·la·bil′i·ty n.
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Noun1.manipulability - the quality of being controllable by skilled movements of the handsmanipulability - the quality of being controllable by skilled movements of the hands
mobility - the quality of moving freely
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Additionally, a rigid endoscope was chosen for these operations considering its manipulability.
position, or their manipulability, rather than for reasons directly
In subsequent decades, these gadgets have shifted from analog to digital forms, reducing certain aspects of their manipulability, but exhibiting a "creeping concealedness" in their opacity and complexity.
By Quinn's reckoning, these fields have broadly neglected the geographic mobility, aesthetic and linguistic malleability, and political manipulability of Cold War-era poetry.
Manipulability is one of the main characteristics of the digital.
Environments are explicated in their vulnerability, and in turn their manipulability, so obvious, now, for those of us accustomed to winter heating systems or shopping mall perfumes, those of us, that is, who are in step with modernity.
A major criticism of accounting based performance measures was their manipulability by the management.
In addition, subject selection also addresses the principle of respect for persons by taking into consideration whether some participants are selected due to their compromised position or their easy manipulability (Belmont Report 1979).
In this way, too, the availability and manipulability of manuscripts in digital formats can push forward pedagogical innovation, weaving together visual, literary, and historical analysis.
Living things also enter into the dance of general manipulability.