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Possible to manipulate: a manipulable lever; a manipulable populace.

ma·nip′u·la·bil′i·ty n.
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(məˈnɪp yə lə bəl)

capable of or susceptible to being manipulated.
ma•nip`u•la•bil′i•ty, n.
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Adj.1.manipulable - easily managed (controlled or taught or molded); "tractable young minds"; "the natives...being...of an intelligent tractable disposition"- Samuel Butler
compliant - disposed or willing to comply; "children compliant with the parental will"
manageable - capable of being managed or controlled
obedient - dutifully complying with the commands or instructions of those in authority; "an obedient soldier"; "obedient children"; "a little man obedient to his wife"; "the obedient colonies...are heavily taxed; the refractory remain unburdened"- Edmund Burke
docile - willing to be taught or led or supervised or directed; "the docile masses of an enslaved nation"
tamed, tame - brought from wildness into a domesticated state; "tame animals"; "fields of tame blueberries"
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The 2016 recommendations give more guidance about enrichment materials being "edible, chewable, investigable and manipulable" and should be "of sustainable interest".
Israel too, generally revelling in the most manipulable and eager-to-please US administration the Likudites have ever come across, kept its distance from Manama, offering only to keep an open mind.
The group, therefore, enjoined the duo of Tinubu and el-Rufai and others to shove aside any desperate move ahead 2023 and allow a level playing field for all political offices, sayingno one should hide behind any political party to turn Nigerians into 'mere manipulable pawn.'
The system uses manipulable and high definition video cameras, signal lights and microphones to send data to the displays controllers use to direct aircraft taking off and departing from the airport.
The scanner creates three-dimensional, manipulable images of bags' contents.
If the big manipulable mass accepts the lie that a party has imposed with its powerful means of communication, the lie will pass into history and eventually become a truth that will be told to the future generations.
The variant proposed by the government in which only sales to ultimate customers trigger the bar "is equally manipulable," AAM adds.
"They are driven by a wanton appetite for money and that's why they are easily manipulable by the Executive and whoever else wants to manipulate them.
Yet, Harvard admissions officers, many of whom had never met these applicants, scored them collectively as the worst of all groups in the one area -- personality -- that was subjective enough to be readily manipulable to serve Harvard's institutional interests.