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Possible to manipulate: a manipulable lever; a manipulable populace.

ma·nip′u·la·bil′i·ty n.


(məˈnɪp yə lə bəl)

capable of or susceptible to being manipulated.
ma•nip`u•la•bil′i•ty, n.
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Adj.1.manipulable - easily managed (controlled or taught or molded); "tractable young minds"; "the natives...being...of an intelligent tractable disposition"- Samuel Butler
compliant - disposed or willing to comply; "children compliant with the parental will"
manageable - capable of being managed or controlled
obedient - dutifully complying with the commands or instructions of those in authority; "an obedient soldier"; "obedient children"; "a little man obedient to his wife"; "the obedient colonies...are heavily taxed; the refractory remain unburdened"- Edmund Burke
docile - willing to be taught or led or supervised or directed; "the docile masses of an enslaved nation"
tamed, tame - brought from wildness into a domesticated state; "tame animals"; "fields of tame blueberries"
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The frequent lip service paid to the gods in Sphere suggests that they are for Ammons kin to the saints and relics, but differ in having been more completely triumphed over and therefore in being less uncanny and more indifferently manipulable.
It aggressively occludes absence, implying that there is only presence and one kind of presence that reveals everything in this world as fully calculable and manipulable.
beaucoup moins que]Ces proportions alarmantes temoignent du malaise profond existant au sein de la societe, faisant de l'enfant une proie facile, manipulable et exploitable a souhait[beaucoup plus grand que], lit-on dans ledit communique.
Developing an understanding of organizational cultures in bridging institutions is important not just because these can be relatively tacit and difficult to imitate, but additionally because other, more formal aspects of the management of bridging institutions are less manipulable.
Liberty presents us with a political world fashioned from our own efforts, manipulable by comparison with the retractable spiritual realm.
These fantastic new charges only further support our previous public position that the trial evidence will show that Adel Daoud is an immature, impressionable and manipulable teenager -- not the international terrorist the government seems hell-bent on trying to paint,'' Durkin said.
By becoming a manipulable object, he lives outside his sacred character.
La medicion por Kt de la dosis de dialisis ha sido comunicada como mas eficaz que mediante el Kt/V (10), ya que este infraestima los casos de dialisis inadecuada, requiere determinaciones analiticas, es manipulable y no medible en cada sesion.
The precision of that definition, as well as its content, makes Devo max entirely different from the third option of merely 'enhanced devolution', which really does sound vague, manipulable Humpty Dumpty-speak, and hardly surprisingly is unacceptable to the SNP.
But in contrast to Walther's manipulable sculptures, Teepe's say, Look but don't touch.
Nikhil Agarwal, Yale University, and Paulo Somaini, MIT and NBER, "Identification and Estimation in Manipulable Assignment Mechanisms"
Although the Hunts were conversant in, and profited from, sophisticated market operations and complicated financial transactions, they ultimately were "hard money" men who distrusted fiat currencies and politically manipulable markets.