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or man·i·tu  (măn′ĭ-to͞o′) also man·i·to (-tō′)
n. pl. man·i·tous or man·i·tus also man·i·tos
1. In Algonquian religious belief, a supernatural power that permeates the world, possessed in varying degrees by both spirits and humans.
2. A deity or spirit.

[French, from Ojibwa manitoo.]
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Cedrix Denz Mercado Cancino, 25, communication science; Jerson Rivera Santos, 26, accountancy; Carlo Manito de Guzman, 23, criminology; Jay-ar Maniago Laron, 31, criminology; Paula Argame Llantero, 27, psychology; Maria Antonette Natanauan Natividad, 22, criminology; and Don Johnson Carcedo Zabala, 28, education.
Esther Manito is one of the nominees or this year's Arab British Centre Award for Culture.
DSWD Bicol Regional Director Arnel Garcia said family food packs were distributed to the farmers in the towns of Pioduran, Guinobatan, and Manito, and the cities of Ligao and Tabaco, who took part in DSWD's Food-for-Work Program.
Also surviving are one daughter, Sherry (Gordon, II) Morris of Pekin; one son, Jerry (Beth) Singleton of South Pekin; four grandchildren, Brandi (Ricky) Clendenny of Manito, Mindi Mitzelfelt and Taylor Singleton, both of South Pekin, and Hannah Singleton of East Peoria; five great-granddaughters, Annelise, Braelynn, Charlotte, Reagan, and Ivy; two brothers, Jim (Elaine) Singleton of Loves Park and John (Faye) Singleton of Jackson, Tennessee; and one sister, Sue (Larry) James of Spring Creek, Tennessee.
Summary: Other comedians set to perform are Omar Hamdi, Karim Duval and Esther Manito
Prugh has served his entire 36-year PGA professional career at Manito Golf and Country Club in Spokane, the last 33 years as the club's head pro.
20 as he made the decision to turn the Canadian flag upside down to bring it into the circle at grand entry for the Manito Ahbee 2013 powwow in Winnipeg.
Jaramillo's fictional stories chart the life of the Ortiz family in Southern Colorado and New Mexico over 50 years and feature the character of Relles "Manito" Ortiz, a child who is abandoned by his mother and learns to tolerate psychological pain.
En La epoca de Los panales de tela y de los biberones de vidrio, una senora entretenia a su punado de hijos con la cancion de <<la mano>>: <<Tengo manita, no tengo manita, porque la tengo desconchabadla>>, y cuando la vecina argentina, que chistaba a la menor provocacion, la escuchaba, decia: <<Dira usted manito, asi como esas plantas>>, y luego senalaba a las madreselvas de su ventana --esas a las que les dicen <<manitos de Dios>>--.
Lakeside daisy (Tetraneuris herbacea Greene, Asteraceae) was re-introduced into dry gravel prairie at three locations within Manito Prairie Nature Preserve, Tazewell County, Illinois in 1988 with additional plantings at four other preserve locations in 1994 and 1995.
Eric Eason's followup to his much-feted, zero-budgeted "Manito" is a sleazy fever dream of sex, violence, drugs and nastiness as two American expatriates (Brendan Fraser and Scott Glenn) try to claw their way out of the fleshpots of Sao Paolo.

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