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or man·i·tu  (măn′ĭ-to͞o′) also man·i·to (-tō′)
n. pl. man·i·tous or man·i·tus also man·i·tos
1. In Algonquian religious belief, a supernatural power that permeates the world, possessed in varying degrees by both spirits and humans.
2. A deity or spirit.

[French, from Ojibwa manitoo.]
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All national roads and bridges in Albay were passable except for the road network at the Daang Mahalika junction of Legazpi-Tabaco-Camarines Sur and the Legazpi-Punta de Jesus road in Barangays Pawa and Tinapian in Manito town, according to the Office of Civil Defense (OCD).
Domingo, Guinobatan and Manito suspended classes due to flooding in low-lying villages.
Pikwakanagan First Nation, Bonnechere, Greater Golden Lake, Kijicho Manito Madaouskarini (Bancroft) Mattawa/North Bay, Ottawa, Shabot Obaadjiwan (Sharbot Lake), Snimikobi (Ardoch), plus Witney and area.
Prugh has served his entire 36-year PGA professional career at Manito Golf and Country Club in Spokane, the last 33 years as the club's head pro.
Sin embargo, cardiologos como el doctor Nicolas Manito, jefe del servicio de Cardiologia del Hospital Universitario de Bellvitge, de Barcelona, han planteado que los pacientes deprimidos se tratan con medicamentos que pueden desencadenar la depresion.
One habit Manito acquires from Tio Neto and his dead father's family is the ability to push down pain and emotion.
In addition, original data are presented for the cluster of populations at Manito, Mason and Tazewell counties, one of the largest remaining clusters of populations in Illinois.
Some of the stories are told by Manito in the first person, while some are told by other characters in the book.
A 2004 grad, Nikki Klein of Manito, bought her father's tack business and just opened Sandburr Tack and Western Wear, about five miles from the college.
En La epoca de Los panales de tela y de los biberones de vidrio, una senora entretenia a su punado de hijos con la cancion de <<la mano>>: <<Tengo manita, no tengo manita, porque la tengo desconchabadla>>, y cuando la vecina argentina, que chistaba a la menor provocacion, la escuchaba, decia: <<Dira usted manito, asi como esas plantas>>, y luego senalaba a las madreselvas de su ventana --esas a las que les dicen <<manitos de Dios>>--.
The Cluetrain Manito, by Rick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls and David Weinberger, became the lightning rod of corporate communication over the past decade, and a precursor of present Web 2.
Maximo led on bass and alternated on vocals, accompanied by the swinging Mane Nieto on piano as well as strong-voiced singer Manito Johnson, who could just as easily croon a lovely bolero, sing a calypso or belt out a guaracha.

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