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or man·i·tu  (măn′ĭ-to͞o′) also man·i·to (-tō′)
n. pl. man·i·tous or man·i·tus also man·i·tos
1. In Algonquian religious belief, a supernatural power that permeates the world, possessed in varying degrees by both spirits and humans.
2. A deity or spirit.

[French, from Ojibwa manitoo.]


(ˈmænɪˌtuː) or




n, pl -tous, -tus, -tos, -tou, -tu or -to
(Other Non-Christian Religions) (among the Algonquian Indians) a deified spirit or force
[C17: from Algonquian; related to Ojibwa manito spirit]


or man•i•tu

(ˈmæn ɪˌtu)

also man•i•to


n., pl. -tous or -tus, also -tos.
(among Algonquian Indian peoples) any of a number of spirits residing in objects and phenomena of the natural world, as in animals, trees, water, the earth, and the sky.
[1665–75, Amer.; < Unami Delaware monə́t·u]
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