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A monosaccharide, C6H12O6, obtained from mannan or by the oxidation of mannitol.

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(ˈmænəʊs; -nəʊz)
(Elements & Compounds) a hexose sugar found in mannitol and many polysaccharides. Formula: C6H12O6
[C20: from manna + -ose2]
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(ˈmæn oʊs)

a hexose, C6H12O6, obtained from the hydrolysis of the ivory nut and yielding mannitol upon reduction.
[< German Mannose, from Mannitose=Mannite (see mannitol) + -ose -ose2]
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Major polysaccharides containing Mannose named Acemannan has been isolated by various researchers (Hart et al., 1989; Luta et al., 2009).
Xanthan is a heteropolysaccharide which is composed of glucose, mannose, glucoronic acid, acetate and pyruvate.
Soluble non-starch polysaccharides (SNSP) and insoluble non-starch polysaccharides (INSP) were measured as the sum of their constituent sugars (rhamnose, fucose, arabinose, xylose, mannose, galactose, glucose) and uronic acid all measured by a colorimetric procedure and the sum of SNSP and INSP was recorded as total non-starch polysaccharides (TNSP).
Both the experimental and simulated results demonstrate that the change in conformational entropy of ACL contributes favorably to mannose binding.
INTERPRETATION: Haemagglutination was considered to be Mannose resistant when it occurred in presence of D-mannose and Mannose sensitive when it was inhibited by D-mannose.
silicate, sodium chloride and less than 40% redwing sugar, wherein the eight catalysts are a protease, an amylase, a cellulase, a lipase, a mannose, a pectate lyase, a manganese centered catalyst, and a cobalt centered catalyst.
The interaction was inhibited when the lectin was blocked with D-mannose, suggesting the presence of terminal mannose residues on high mannose-, hybrids-, and complex-type of N-linked glycans on Lu.
A GlcNAc phosphodiester is added to N-linked glycans on one of three mannose residues on the arm with the [alpha]1,6-linkage to the core mannose.
Mannose, an isomer of glucose, is thought to aid in the healing of certain tissues, including tendons, when directly applied to the affected area.
Chemically, guar gum is very similar to starch but instead of being composed of chains of glucose units it is made up of a backbone of mannose with some side-branches of galactose.
Numerous receptors have been identified to be expressed on DCs, including mannose receptor (MR), DC-SIGN, scavenger receptor (SR), DEC-205, and toll-like receptors.
Summary: The aim of the present study was to radiolabel and bioevaluate the dextran cysteamine mannose (MW=22 kDa) for sentinel lymph node detection.