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To calculate pressure in a
U-tube manometer, add the sum of the readings above and below zero. The manometer on the right shows a reading of 4.


1. An instrument used for measuring the pressure of liquids and gases.
2. A sphygmomanometer.

[Greek manos, sparse; see men- in Indo-European roots + -meter.]

man′o·met′ric (măn′ə-mĕt′rĭk), man′o·met′ri·cal adj.
man′o·met′ri·cal·ly adv.
ma·nom′e·try n.
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He had not been forgetful of "Visible Speech" all this while, but had been making experiments with two remarkable machines--the phonautograph and the manometric capsule, by means of which the vibrations of sound were made plainly visible.
The main diagnostic methods of EoE are endoscopy (small, whitish, dotted or linear exudates, mucosal edema, mucous membranes, fine concentric mucosal rings-corrugated esophagus, crepe paper, pavement, long-section stricture, scars), histology (the number of eosinophil granulocytes of the esophageal tissue exceeds 15 eosinophil granulocyte/high-magnitude field of vision and biopsy samples from other parts of the digestive tract do not shows any significant difference), as well as allergic tests (high serum IgE level), pH monitoring (according to some studies, the presence of GERD may facilitate the formation of EoE), endoscopic ultrasound, manometric examinations and plain chest radiography with a water soluble contrast swallow [2, 4].
A manometric assessment of the entire gastrointestinal system is useful in planning the treatment and deciding the necessity of isolated or multivisceral transplantation, especially in severe PIPO cases (10).
First, IOP of pigeon eyes ex vivo were measured using the 'd' and the 'p' modes of the TonoVet and compared to manometric IOP values from 5 to 80 mm Hg.
Anal manometric pressure measurements were done in the 3rd month.
Increased anal pressure with manometric tests may provide helpful information for correct and definite diagnosis.
No subjects in the control group (34 patients) and the ulcerative colitis group (9 patients) had these manometric abnormalities.
For water pumping, a SHURFLO diaphragm pump, model 8000 with a maximum flow rate of 0.49 [m.sup.3] [h.sup.-1] and a manometric capacity of 207 kPa, was used, and the water was available in a 0.1 m (3) water tank.
Recently, the author and associates have carried out a prospective study in which esophageal involvement was investigated in 56 patients of SSc and 31 patients of morphea by clinical, endoscopic, manometric and pH metric features.
Patients with dysphagia who were clinically diagnosed as achalasia but failed to show the manometric features of the disease were also excluded from the study.
To evaluate the anal function, we measured a validated Wexner incontinence scale score system (total incontinence score 0: best and 20: worst) and anal manometric indices 1 day preoperatively and 3 months postoperatively.