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Noun1.manor hall - the large room of a manor or castlemanor hall - the large room of a manor or castle
manse, mansion house, mansion, residence, hall - a large and imposing house
room - an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling; "the rooms were very small but they had a nice view"
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PPG also offers more than 70 architectural coatings from the PPG PAINTS brand on the BIMsmith platform, including MANOR HALL paint, SPEEDHIDE paint and BREAK-THROUGH!
In the girl's tournament Manor Hall made the national semis from Al Ain, and American International did the same from Abu Dhabi.
Within this space, the players and audience interacted in unique ways, shaped by the spatial and socio-economic characteristics of the playhouse, manor hall, or street where this drama was taking place.
It seems to be a big contrast between his lifestyle and theirs." Accounts at Companies House show his firm, Pattemore Global Entertainment Ltd, bought the Grade II listed Manse Manor Hall at Crewkerne, Somerset, in December 2015.
This three bedroomed apartment is located within a Grade II Listed Manor Hall in Usworth, Washington.
PPG Architectural Coatings provides residential and commercial coatings and products under such brands as FLOOD, GLIDDEN, LIQUID NAILS, MANOR HALL, OLYMPIC, PPG PITTSBURGH PAINTS, PPG PORTER PAINTS, PPG Paints and SIKKENS through a distribution network of over 900 own stores, over 5,000 independent dealer locations and all major home improvement centres.
She and her husband operated New Manor Hall, a private patient nursing facility, in Harvard from 1953-1969.
Schools taking part in the project include Gulf International Private Academy, Palestine Private School, Twaam Model Private School, Indian Private School, Universal Private School, Al Safwa Private School, Darul Huda Islamic School, Al Ain Juniors Private School, Zakher Private School, Al Adhwa Private School, Our Own English High School, Al Sanawbar Private School, Pakistan Islamic Private School, Manor Hall International school, Al Andalus Private Academy, Al Ittihad Private School, Grace Valley Indian School, Al Ittihad National Private School and Global English Private School.
The Christmas trees at Martinson's range from bungalow-size to those suitable for a manor hall. In fact, Martinson's specializes in large trees and supplies many area churches and commercial establishments with trees over twelve feet tall.
This statement was met with a great applause from FSB Members at the Celtic Manor Hall Conference.
Author Jean Zimmerman had passed by Philipse Manor Hall in downtown Yonkers many times and wondered who could have built the mansion: her investigation revealed it was the creation of a Dutch-born fur trader and ship merchant--a women named Margaret who set up her home in the then 'wilderness'.