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n. pl. man·teaus (-tōz′) or man·teaux (-tō′)
A loose cloak or mantle.

[French, from Old French mantel; see mantle.]
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(ˈmæntəʊ; French mɑ̃to)
n, pl -teaus (-təʊz) or French -teaux (-to)
(Clothing & Fashion) a cloak or mantle
[C17: via French from Latin mantellum mantle]
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Frederic Pechier to 24 out of 66 suspicious incidents that happened during surgical proceedings at the clinic where he practiced, Besancon prosecutor Etienne Manteaux told reporters on Thursday.
Anne-Elisabeth Manteaux, [1] Imad Dali-Braham, [1] Laurent Ramont, [1,2] Francois-Xavier Maquart, [1,2] and Jean-Baptiste Oudart [1,2] *
The target appears to be English words or phrases being printed not only on t-shirts for men but now on manteaux, the long costs favored by many upper class women because they comply with the state dress code.
Il citera, a ce propos, des ecrits du chroniqueur espagnol Diego Haedo (XVIIe siecle) dans Topografia de Argel (Topographie d'Alger) decrivant les femmes d'Alger sortant de chez elles [beaucoup moins que] enveloppees de leurs manteaux blancs delies en laine fine ou tissu de soie [beaucoup plus grand que].
Les citoyens devront par ailleurs s'armer de manteaux, bottes et echarpes pour affronter le froid, notamment dans l'Atlas.
"Danse Gitane Espagnole" has a decidedly Spanish flavor and comes from the ballet "Paquita." It is capped by an exciting "Pas de Manteaux" with swishing bullfighters' capes.
Apres avoir passe plusieurs semaines a tout camoufler sous ses jolis manteaux, la Duchesse de Cambridge est bien obligee desormais, pour cause de beau temps, de se decouvrir un peu.
Head scarves are pulled back to reveal dyed blonde hair, their manteaux jackets colourful and figure-hugging.
Since 1999, she has had work on display at countless venues across the world including the Royal Festival Hall, the Barbican Centre and the National Portrait Gallery in London, L'Espaced' animation des Blancs Manteaux in Paris and the Eyestorm Gallery in New York.