mantis shrimp

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mantis shrimp

Any of various burrowing predatory marine crustaceans of the order Stomatopoda, chiefly of tropical waters, having stalked eyes and a pair of knifelike claws that resemble the legs of a praying mantis and are used for striking or spearing prey. Also called stomatopod.

mantis shrimp


mantis crab

(Animals) any of various burrowing marine shrimplike crustaceans of the order Stomatopoda that have a pair of large grasping appendages: subclass Malacostraca. See also squilla

man′tis shrimp`

any of numerous shrimplike crustaceans of the order Stomatopoda having a greatly enlarged second pair of grasping forelimbs somewhat resembling those of a mantis.
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Noun1.mantis shrimp - tropical marine burrowing crustaceans with large grasping appendagesmantis shrimp - tropical marine burrowing crustaceans with large grasping appendages
order Stomatopoda, Stomatopoda - mantis shrimps
stomatopod, stomatopod crustacean - a kind of crustacean
mantis prawn, squilla - a kind of mantis shrimp
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Researchers have discovered a three kinds of mantis shrimp off the coast of Kenting National Park that have never been seen before in Taiwan.
The latest example is that of one of the more unusual creatures in nature, the mantis shrimp.
The Royal Detective, Mantis Shrimp, questions the guests -Chameleon, Shark, Lancehead Snake, Goat, Dragonfly, Colossal Squid, Pigeon and two sea urchins--to solve the mystery.
A mantis shrimp with a lightning fast punch living in an aquarium at Sea Life Blackpool has been named after which sporting hero?
Tom Cronin, professor of biological sciences, will study the brains of mantis shrimp, known for their highly complex sense of vision and unique behaviors.
The unique design means that mantis shrimp can perceive polarized light in a way that humans can't.
The visual systems of sea urchins, mantis shrimp and other creatures are broadening scientists' understanding of what qualifies as an eye, Susan Milius reported in "Strange visions" (SN: 5/28/16, p.
Most notable were the mantis shrimp better known among Filipinos as alupihang dagat.
Open your eyes and ears as this interactive website delights the senses--listen to the reef, check out Mantis Vision and see the world like a Mantis Shrimp, and watch a young turtle's first trip out to sea.
Crustaceans such as crab, shrimp, mantis shrimp, lobster and their products
Although perhaps not as odd as the mantis shrimp, which can punch quicker than a bullet and has the most elaborate courtship dance we've ever seen.