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Noun1.manual laborer - someone who works with their handsmanual laborer - someone who works with their hands; someone engaged in manual labor
agricultural laborer, agricultural labourer - a person who tills the soil for a living
bracero - a Mexican laborer who worked in the United States on farms and railroads in order to ease labor shortages during World War II
cleaner - someone whose occupation is cleaning
day laborer, day labourer - a laborer who works by the day; for daily wages
digger - a laborer who digs
dishwasher - someone who washes dishes
navvy, peon, drudge, galley slave - a laborer who is obliged to do menial work
gandy dancer - a laborer in a railroad maintenance gang
gravedigger - a person who earns a living by digging graves
hewer - a person who hews
hired hand, hired man, hand - a hired laborer on a farm or ranch; "the hired hand fixed the railing"; "a ranch hand"
hod carrier, hodman - a laborer who carries supplies to masons or bricklayers
gipsy, itinerant - a laborer who moves from place to place as demanded by employment; "itinerant traders"
faller, feller, logger, lumberjack, lumberman - a person who fells trees
miner, mineworker - laborer who works in a mine
mule driver, mule skinner, muleteer, skinner - a worker who drives mules
platelayer, tracklayer - a workman who lays and repairs railroad tracks
porter - a person employed to carry luggage and supplies
rail-splitter, splitter - a laborer who splits logs to build split-rail fences
sawyer - one who is employed to saw wood
section hand - a laborer assigned to a section gang
sprayer - a worker who applies spray to a surface
stacker - a laborer who builds up a stack or pile
steeplejack - someone who builds or maintains very tall structures
dock worker, docker, dockhand, dock-walloper, dockworker, loader, longshoreman, lumper, stevedore - a laborer who loads and unloads vessels in a port
fireman, stoker - a laborer who tends fires (as on a coal-fired train or steamship)
woodcutter - cuts down trees and chops wood as a job
working man, working person, workingman, workman - an employee who performs manual or industrial labor
wrecker - someone who demolishes or dismantles buildings as a job
yardman - a laborer hired to do outdoor work (such as mowing lawns)
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As manual laborer, he toils through very tiring work for the entire six days of his workweek.
In a now ultra-competitive economy, the price of the manual laborer's grit has become rather cheap and meaningless, this has thrown him into an almost bottomless pit of poverty and destitution.
It takes one manual laborer 2 hours to harvest one acre of asparagus.
/ Why was I given hands at all?" He moves toward linking the work of the manual laborer with the work of the poet.
The chapter on John Taylor, "the Water Poet," offers the study's clearest picture of a writer who celebrates the virtue of honest work and his own position as a manual laborer, and who recognizes the democratic potential of print.
The source identified "the two bodies as a man working as a manual laborer and his wife."
The debut novel of Canadian author David Munroe, The Unexpected and Fictional Career Change of Jim Kearns is the story of Jim Kearns, a career manual laborer going through a mid-life crisis, of sorts.
Uribe left his home in Mexico City in 1989 for a manual laborer job at the Dunn Vineyards, "but I didn't like that," he plainly reports.
Russell tells his story from the viewpoints of an interloper, Cameron Barnes, a 46-year-old landscape architect with AIDS, and a local, Jesse Vanderhof, a 19-year-old manual laborer dominated by his older brother, Kyle.
One example is a 55-year-old manual laborer whose entire right arm was amputated as a result of a work accident.
She developed her interest a few years ago while working on construction projects as a manual laborer. Now, others watch her on the job as she maneuvers about in a bulldozer or another piece of equipment.
A few years ago, a roofer wrote about a young man from a middle-class family who had worked as a manual laborer one summer, willingly carrying shingles up the ladder to the roofers, even on the hottest days.