manufactured gas

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man·u·fac·tured gas

A gaseous fuel made from soft coal or various petroleum products.
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Her areas of expertise include vapor intrusion, stakeholder negotiations, manufactured gas plants and management of complex environmental projects.
The primary source of pollution at the site was the manufactured gas plant operated by NSP's predecessor company between 1885 and 1947.
I was employed by Wales Gas as a gas conversion technician and in 1974 converted the light to burn natural gas as opposed to manufactured gas.
My client, a major northeast utility, manufactured gas on the site long before the advent of the natural gas pipeline in the 1950s.
The company was the first to introduce manufactured gas made from coal in Indonesia.
That's far more than the estimates outlined in 2012, when WRTA officials believed costs might range from as little as $1 million to as much as $8 million to clean up the 11-acre site that had formerly been home to the Manufactured Gas Plant and Old Colony Tar Co.
The gasworks was opened in 1865 and manufactured gas from coal as an energy supply until 1900, after which it was used to store gas generated in Tywyn.
We have manufactured gas turbine impeller fans by utilizing our domestic missile and nuclear technologies at a cost one-fifth of similar imported products,"Ee Head of the Central Workshop of Shahid HasheminejadEe Gas Refining Company Youssefian said.
For more than 30 years, Analox has designed and manufactured gas analysis equipment for a variety of niche markets, including military, commercial and sport diving and the hospitality industry.
This account obviously predates the time when the company manufactured gas engines.
Remediation of former manufactured gas plants and other coal-tar sites.
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