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 (mə-no͞o′ər, -nyo͞o′-, no͝or′, -nyo͝or′)
1. The dung of livestock or poultry.
2. Such dung, or other organic or chemical material, used to fertilize soil.
tr.v. ma·nured, ma·nur·ing, ma·nures
To fertilize (soil) by applying material such as animal dung.

[From Middle English manuren, to cultivate land, from Anglo-Norman mainouverer, from Vulgar Latin *manūoperāre, to work with the hands : Latin manū, ablative of manus, hand; see man- in Indo-European roots + Latin operārī, to work; see op- in Indo-European roots.]

ma·nur′er n.
ma·nu′ri·al adj.
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(Agriculture) relating to manure
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