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 (mə-no͞o′ər, -nyo͞o′-, no͝or′, -nyo͝or′)
1. The dung of livestock or poultry.
2. Such dung, or other organic or chemical material, used to fertilize soil.
tr.v. ma·nured, ma·nur·ing, ma·nures
To fertilize (soil) by applying material such as animal dung.

[From Middle English manuren, to cultivate land, from Anglo-Norman mainouverer, from Vulgar Latin *manūoperāre, to work with the hands : Latin manū, ablative of manus, hand; see man- in Indo-European roots + Latin operārī, to work; see op- in Indo-European roots.]

ma·nur′er n.
ma·nu′ri·al adj.
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The further he rode, the happier he became, and plans for the land rose to his mind each better than the last; to plant all his fields with hedges along the southern borders, so that the snow should not lie under them; to divide them up into six fields of arable and three of pasture and hay; to build a cattle yard at the further end of the estate, and to dig a pond and to construct movable pens for the cattle as a means of manuring the land.
It was of the cheerfullest, swiftest description here, and its mild days enabled me to get on beautifully with the digging and manuring, and filled my rooms with snowdrops.
The method is this: in an acre of ground you bury, at six inches distance and eight deep, a quantity of acorns, dates, chestnuts, and other mast or vegetables, whereof these animals are fondest; then you drive six hundred or more of them into the field, where, in a few days, they will root up the whole ground in search of their food, and make it fit for sowing, at the same time manuring it with their dung: it is true, upon experiment, they found the charge and trouble very great, and they had little or no crop.
Significant responses of vegetables to manuring and fertilization have been reported by several workers.
F Impact of integration of crop manuring and nitrogen application on growth, yield and quality of spring planted sunflower (Helianthus annuusL.