By many times: The state's population has increased manyfold.


in an increasing manner


(ˈmɛn iˈfoʊld)

by many times; by multiples.
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In the run-up to the coming holidays, expect the traffic to multiply manyfold.
He said: "We are the leader and we're going to stay the leader, and we're going to increase it manyfold.
The attempt to shut the site down had the opposite effect and increased the site's traffic manyfold.
Completion of the entire project is expected by July 2019, involving upgrades throughout stations and tunnels to increase its 4G network capacity at the 18 MTR stations manyfold.
Our purpose is manyfold as we aim to filter out all malicious vehicles and fraudulent data, decide on the trust metric of each and every node within the network, and detect the largest set of fully trusted vehicles that could serve to establish a security architecture as in [10, 11].
Vegetation fires can episodically increase local and regional concentrations of airborne particles manyfold, even by orders of magnitude (Heil and Goldammer 2001; Liu et al.
60) Whereas an inherited disease study using MPS may need only 13X to 20X depth of coverage at a single nucleotide position, neoplasms need manyfold higher numbers for adequate sampling (Table 1).
As a result, our purchasing capacity, per capita income, foreign currency reserve, export, investment and employment have multiplied manyfold.
The reasons Lane County parents don't get their children immunized are manyfold, but one cited by Luedtke is the belief that severe diseases are so rare that they don't believe they exist.
Even "small wars" were a manyfold tragedy for all concerned when a powerful nation goes unprepared into COIN scenarios.
However, even when benefit for a compound has been demonstrated, it is common for a commercial product to include the ingredient at a dose manyfold lower than that shown to be efficacious in either clinical trials or as it was traditionally employed by cultures of the past.
If all musical pitches create a perfect harmony, then that musical experience remains in every instrument player's memory, and the likelihood to create a good harmony the next time increases manyfold.