adv.1.In many different ways; variously.
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Keep an eye out for the manyways states will re-orient their tax regimes away from income taxes, andtoward property and sales taxes, including on services, which accountfor more than 70% of economic activity but have traditionally been taxedlightly at the state and local level.
Being an accredited member of the BSME and retaining ourlong-standing BSME membership will benefit the Nadeen School community in manyways -- it will ensure that the school maintains a high level of education andstandards, that our policies and procedure are consistent, fair and of highstandard, that Nadeen School retains its excellent reputation, that staffcoming in to the school know they are joining a quality educationalestablishment, it will enable our staff to participate in BSME-hostedcontinuing professional development, our pupils to participate in BSME-hostedactivities and it will ensure that the children moving on from Nadeen to otherschools are recognised as coming from a respected school.
This is in manyways an admirable book that deserves the attention of anyone interested in interwar Austria.
But in manyways it has perhaps turned out for the best that the game was off on Tuesday as we are a little further away from the festivities, and I think a lot of the lads will be looking for a run out to blow off the cobwebs.
I don''t doubt that there are manyways that policing could be undertaken more efficiently e.
A serious investment in rail would benefit New England in manyways.
In manyways, Asian students at Cornell University seen seem like a successful group.
Sorensen knows that last year was frustrating in manyways because, if Villa had clicked all season, thenhecouldhave been lining up alongside the likes of Real Madrid this term.
I hope that gets across to the players because it is a very important match for the club in so manyways.
This option doesn't just stand out as a public service, but it can also counter the criticism that there are manyways to measure the performance of a school, and the newspaper chose to illustrate its case with only one or two.