adv.1.In many different ways; variously.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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One minute is actually quite a bit of time, and patients can not only get out their most pressing concerns, but there is also an investment in the relationship that will pay off in manyways.
Keep an eye out for the manyways states will re-orient their tax regimes away from income taxes, andtoward property and sales taxes, including on services, which accountfor more than 70% of economic activity but have traditionally been taxedlightly at the state and local level.
He does it aslogical analysis, as tanka, as dialogue, as straight narrative.The Pedestrians does a similar thing, and in so doing, opens the reader's mindto questions of subjectivity, of the folly of the expression, of the"what really happened" instinct, to the resistance totracking down, through one form of expression, "thetruth." You seem to be telling us there are many truths, manyways to get to a more authentic replication of one writer'sexperience.
Kamath, "The manyways of making anionic clays," Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences, vol.
In an age where nearly everythingtendstobeoverhyped, we can't really exaggerate what winning the TripleCrownmeans.Itis,in manyways,theultimatetest foraFlathorse.Itrequiresa horse with class, speed and stamina to triumph in the threeverydifferenttestsover threedifferenttrips.
"But in manyways it has perhaps turned out for the best that the game was off on Tuesday as we are a little further away from the festivities, and I think a lot of the lads will be looking for a run out to blow off the cobwebs."
I don''t doubt that there are manyways that policing could be undertaken more efficiently e.g.