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 (măn′zə-nē′yə, -nĭl′ə)
A pale, very dry sherry from Spain.

[Spanish, probably from manzanilla, chamomile (because the aroma of the sherry was thought to resemble chamomile), from Old Spanish mançanilla , diminutive of mançana , apple, alteration of earlier maçana, from Latin (māla) Mattiāna, variant of (māla) Matiāna, (apples) of Matius, possibly after Gaius Matius Calvena (fl. first century bc), Roman author of a work on gastronomy.]
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(Brewing) a very dry pale sherry
[C19: from Spanish: camomile (referring to its bouquet)]
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(ˌmæn zəˈnil yə, -ˈni ə)

n., pl. -las.
a pale, very dry sherry from Spain.
[1835–45; < Sp: diminutive of manzana apple]
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Noun1.manzanilla - very dry pale sherry from SpainManzanilla - very dry pale sherry from Spain  
sherry - dry to sweet amber wine from the Jerez region of southern Spain or similar wines produced elsewhere; usually drunk as an aperitif
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"Consumer demand for better for you snack options continues to drive marketplace adoption of low sodium snacks," explained Victor Manzanilla, chief executive of Salarius.
XIXARITO MANZANILLA PASADA EN RAMA (PS11.50 37CL CARRINGTONS, CHORLTON) From one of the oldest bodegas in Sanlucar de Barrameda comes this Manzanilla pasada; a sherry which is aged longer than Manzanilla fina.
Veterans Kenji Manzanilla and Ryan Chu dropped in 28 and 23 points, respectively to tow the Doves to their third win in five games.
SAINT FRANCIS 96 - Larotin 23, Chu 11, Cenita 11, Madrid 11, Cruz 9, Ramos 7, Lanoy 6, Taguiam 4, Tolosa 4, Cristobal 4, Manzanilla 3, Derama 3.
OK, there are some achingly trendy types - probably sporting fine beards and drainpipe chinos way north of their bench-made brogues - who insist they have it every night, but the probable truth is that a bottle of fino or manzanilla is languishing at the back of the fridge.
|Flame of Love Martini, Los Angeles, USA Ingredients: 60ml vodka, 5ml fino or manzanilla sherry, peel of 1 orange.
| Sacristia Manzanilla En Rama 2015 Release Primera Saca 2014 (PS13.56,, 15% abv): Manzanilla is produced exclusively in the bodegas of Sanlucar de Barrameda near the sea.
Fausto Manzanilla, executive officer of the PNP Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management, to take his place.
Tune in at 8pm to follow the action at ANOTHER perfect pairing with seafood, jamon and tapas, manzanilla is one of the freshest and driest white wines that begins life as a fino.