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Any of several evergreen shrubs or small trees of the genus Arctostaphylos of the heath family, native to the Pacific coast of North America, especially A. manzanita, having white or pink flowers in drooping panicles and red berrylike fruit.

[Spanish, diminutive of manzana, apple; see manchineel.]
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(Botany) an evergreen shrub of western North America
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(ˌmæn zəˈni tə)

n., pl. -tas.
any of several W North American shrubs belonging to the genus Arctostaphylos, of the heath family.
[1840–50, Amer.; < Sp, diminutive of manzana apple]
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Noun1.manzanita - chiefly evergreen shrubs of warm dry areas of western North Americamanzanita - chiefly evergreen shrubs of warm dry areas of western North America
Arctostaphylos, genus Arctostaphylos - bearberry; manzanita
Arctostaphylos andersonii, heartleaf manzanita - erect California shrub having leaves with heart-shaped lobes at the base
Arctostaphylos manzanita, Parry manzanita - erect treelike shrub forming dense thickets and having drooping panicles of white or pink flowers and red berrylike drupes; California
Arctostaphylos tomentosa, downy manzanita, woolly manzanita - erect openly branched California shrub whose twigs are woolly when young
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
2.manzanita - evergreen tree of the Pacific coast of North America having glossy leathery leaves and orange-red edible berriesmanzanita - evergreen tree of the Pacific coast of North America having glossy leathery leaves and orange-red edible berries; wood used for furniture and bark for tanning
arbutus - any of several evergreen shrubs of the genus Arbutus of temperate Europe and America
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He now found himself in a nook of several acres, where the oak and manzanita and madrono gave way to clusters of stately redwoods.
Crossing the stream, Daylight followed a faint cattle trail over a low, rocky hill and through a wine-wooded forest of manzanita, and emerged upon another tiny valley, down which filtered another spring-fed, meadow-bordered streamlet.
He dropped down the rough, winding road through covered pasture, with here and there thickets of manzanita and vistas of open glades.
Unable in the darkness to penetrate the thickets of manzanita and other undergrowth, utterly bewildered and overcome with fatigue, he had lain down near the root of a large madrono and fallen into a dreamless sleep.
Where a steep, eight-foot bank came down to the edge of the road along which he was riding, Harley and the hot-blood colt were startled by an eruption through the screen of manzanita bushes above.
Crashing through a scrub manzanita bush, his body was caught and pinched in an acute fork a yard above the ground.
Michael, a prisoner in the bush, hanging head- downward in the manzanita from his loins squeezed in the fork, and struggling vainly, could not come to his defence.
On the slope the blossoms of the wine-wooded manzanita filled the air with springtime odors, while the leaves, wise with experience, were already beginning their vertical twist against the coming aridity of summer.
"Just about two yards above that manzanita bush an' a yard to the right," he finally concluded.
The man scratched his head perplexedly and looked a few feet up the hill at the manzanita bush that marked approximately the apex of the "V." He nodded his head and said oracularly:
Here Wolf!" she called, as they left the clearing and took the trail that led down through the waxen-belled manzanita jungle to the county road.
The community's planned amenities include a Ramada and playground and the various sports fields, courts and picnic areas at Manzanita Park, which is within walking distance.