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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - a person who can read mapsmap-reader - a person who can read maps; "he is a good map-reader"
reader - a person who can read; a literate person
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I believe he was given that job because he was an excellent map-reader.
One of the biggest boons for travelers involves maps and GPS: Walk through a city and the watch can deliver different vibrations to your wrist to indicate whether you should turn left or right, so you don't have to wander the streets peering at a tiny device (or be a good map-reader) to know which way to go.
'Location tracking is revolutionary because compliance with prohibitive cartography no longer depends on the vigilant human map-reader who understands and respects graphically coded property lines or administrative boundaries.
You'll need at least one experienced walker and a proficient map-reader as well as a sixth member who will be your driver.
Mr Kundi, his wife added, was a competent map-reader and they had been on numerous walking holidays in the past.
The survey also showed only one per cent of those polled would qualify for a Cub Scout map-reader badge.
All streets in this area run on a grid system that even I, the worst map-reader ever, was able to navigate.
But the West Midlands map-reader was forced to pull out of the event before it even started when Warmbold's team, travelling over from Germany, missed a cross-Channel ferry connection and with it the deadline for the mandatory scrutineering of the car.
The bottom line here is that the map-reader, like any product consumer, needs to read the small print, that is, the legend, carefully.
D'Anville's use of blank space was an important move toward increasing accuracy in map-making, but it also, as Conrad demonstrates, allowed the map-reader's imagination more room to wander.
Here it is - the Oscar-bustin' WW2 romance between a map-reader and an explorer's wife, dubbed "Lawrence Of Arabia with snogging".