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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - a person who can read mapsmap-reader - a person who can read maps; "he is a good map-reader"
reader - a person who can read; a literate person
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I believe he was given that job because he was an excellent map-reader.
Location tracking is revolutionary because compliance with prohibitive cartography no longer depends on the vigilant human map-reader who understands and respects graphically coded property lines or administrative boundaries.
You'll need at least one experienced walker and a proficient map-reader as well as a sixth member who will be your driver.
Mr Kundi, his wife added, was a competent map-reader and they had been on numerous walking holidays in the past.
The survey also showed only one per cent of those polled would qualify for a Cub Scout map-reader badge.
All streets in this area run on a grid system that even I, the worst map-reader ever, was able to navigate.
But the West Midlands map-reader was forced to pull out of the event before it even started when Warmbold's team, travelling over from Germany, missed a cross-Channel ferry connection and with it the deadline for the mandatory scrutineering of the car.
As Ellen MacArthur explains on page 47, it's as important to be a good map-reader and navigator as it is to be a good sailor when you're racing a yacht.
The bottom line here is that the map-reader, like any product consumer, needs to read the small print, that is, the legend, carefully.
The fact that Rennell felt the need explicitly to state that red denoted British holdings may indicate that this fact would not have been immediately clear to the map-reader.
Here it is - the Oscar-bustin' WW2 romance between a map-reader and an explorer's wife, dubbed "Lawrence Of Arabia with snogging".