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Super Trouper IT is really very very confusing TO be at one of your public discourses, When just yesterday you were so amusing As the two of us toured England's racecourses, You were driving, I sat by you map-reading, When the horse escaped it was hilarious, How you held your temper was astounding - Like an old old friend you stayed capricious.
99 LAST year, the Royal Institute of Navigation warned that the growing reliance on sat-navs and smartphone apps was killing map-reading skills.
With the help of the audience, Map, Backpack, Boots, Diego and their courageous friends, Dora uses her map-reading, counting, musical and language skills to successfully reach the City of Lost Toys.
I'm one of a few horse-and-buggy types who navigate by map-reading and compass alone, using VORs occasionally as a backup to map reading as opposed to a backup for GPS.
He states in his preface: "The proposed methodology is described through the metaphors of map-reading, map-making, and map-testing in order to identify dilemmas and challenge personal assumptions about dealing with them.
Pollsters Kia Motors UK said: "We're not surprised motorists are giving up on satnavs in favour of a traditional map - so long as drivers stay safe and leave the map-reading to a passenger.
Washington, Dec 6 (ANI): Confidence is the underlying factor, which determines how well a woman can perform spatial tasks like parking and map-reading, a new study has suggested.
Because the gruff, bearded maniacs on this show who motor along the ice-stricken Alaskan roads in their 18-wheelers really couldn't give a stuff if the Grim Reaper turns up for map-reading duty.
The event, which is based on the old-fashioned basis of map-reading rather than pace notes, saw the North Wales duo's experience in road rallies over the past 25 years put to good use, although there were a few issues over the weather conditions and on a few occasions luck played a very important part in keeping the vehicle on the road.
teaches young explorers basic facts of geography and map-reading skills, and why any of this information is important as well as interesting.
Marsh mourns the fact that contours appear only on maps, but explains how to read them correctly and demonstrates that map-reading is essentially the business of making the connection between these imaginary lines and the actual landscape.