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a. A representation, usually on a plane surface, of a region of the earth or heavens.
b. Something that suggests such a representation, as in clarity of representation.
2. Mathematics The correspondence of elements in one set to elements in the same set or another set.
3. Slang The human face.
4. Genetics A genetic map.
tr.v. mapped, map·ping, maps
a. To make a map of.
b. To depict as if on a map: Grief was mapped on his face.
2. To explore or make a survey of (a region) for the purpose of making a map.
3. To plan or delineate, especially in detail; arrange: mapping out her future.
4. Genetics To locate (a gene or DNA sequence) in a specific region of a chromosome in relation to known genes or DNA sequences.
5. Mathematics To establish a mapping of (an element or a set).
all over the map
1. In, from, or to a variety of places; ubiquitously.
2. Showing great variety; varied or diverse: "Literary nonfiction is all over the map and has been for three hundred years" (William Zinsser).
put on the map
To make well-known, prominent, or famous.
wipe off the map
To destroy completely; annihilate.

[From Middle English mapemounde, from Old French mapemond, from Medieval Latin mappa (mundī), map (of the world), from Latin, napkin, cloth (on which maps were drawn), perhaps of Punic origin; see npy in Semitic roots.]

map′pa·ble adj.
map′per n.


modified American plan
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Noun1.mapper - a clerk who marks data on a chartmapper - a clerk who marks data on a chart  
clerk - an employee who performs clerical work (e.g., keeps records or accounts)
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They carefully examined spectral maps made by Chandrayaan 1's Moon Mineralogy Mapper, or [M.sup.3], and found that regions featuring absorption at all three wavelengths correspond to permanently shadowed crater floors at both lunar poles.
Each mapper starts with scanning its data part [D.sub.i] and generates the intermediate output.
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In absence of an SMS or email (for those consumer who do not have e-mail or mobile connection), the physical signature on the paper consent form will have to taken by the bank prior to sending the request on NPCI mapper.
The notification has been issued after the complaints of certain telecom service providers and banks opening a new bank account of the Aadhaar holder and putting that bank account on NPCI's APB mapper overriding the existing bank account mapping without the consent of the Aadhaar holder.
It's an occasion, also, to meet other mappers, to develop mapping skills and to have fun while doing something meaningful.