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A usually scaled-down version or model of an intended work such as a sculpture or mural.

[French, from Italian macchietta, sketch, diminutive of macchia, spot, from Latin macula.]


(Art Terms) a sculptor's small preliminary model or sketch
[C20: from French, from Italian macchietta a little sketch, from macchia, from macchiare, from Latin maculāre to stain, from macula spot, blemish]


(mæˈkɛt, mə-)

a small model or study in three dimensions for a sculptural or architectural project.
[1900–05; < French < Italian macchietta, diminutive of macchia a sketch, complex of lines]


(French: “small model”) A small wax or clay model made by a sculptor in preparation for larger work.
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North River Company (NRC) announced that Maquette, a New York-based fine art logistics company, has expanded within the company's Long Island City portfolio.
The design, and a small-scale version known as a maquette, were revealed by the Eilidh MacLeod Memorial Trust, which was set up in her memory.
As well, the medicinal plants association from South Sinai's Saint Catherine city participated in the exhibition with a maquette of the Sinai Baton Blue butterfly which is endemic to Mount Catherine region andone of the world's smallest butterflies.
Contract notice: maquette and layout of the municipal newspaper of the city of cachan
Titled Room Maquette, the little sculpture within the sculpture glows like a pocket of safety and stability amid a strange and spreading catastrophe.
The one-metre-high bronze maquette, with a 2.6-metre wingspan, was produced during the development of the full-scale Angel by sculptor Antony Gormley.
The one-metre high bronze maquette, with a 2.6-metre wingspan, was produced during the development of the fullscale Angel by sculptor Antony Gormley.
This maquette of the oldestWilliam Wallace sculpture is by Alloa sculptor Walter Awlson.
Subsequently (and for yet more variety), I turned to coil building for a particularly large sculpture based on a maquette. Next, I employed building-solid-and-hollowing for another large 'Hale'.
And so I had to ride her accordingly, stay behind the leaders and then cover the distance." Al Thumama Racing's Bronze Maquette, who was fancied after a strong season last time round, had to settle for sixth.
Made of laser-cut wood veneer, each maquette is a series of repeating geometric shapes that form interlocking spaces.
The use of maquette, wood, wire, moss, fabric, print and handmade paper revealed the possibilities of materials.