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A usually scaled-down version or model of an intended work such as a sculpture or mural.

[French, from Italian macchietta, sketch, diminutive of macchia, spot, from Latin macula.]


(Art Terms) a sculptor's small preliminary model or sketch
[C20: from French, from Italian macchietta a little sketch, from macchia, from macchiare, from Latin maculāre to stain, from macula spot, blemish]


(mæˈkɛt, mə-)

a small model or study in three dimensions for a sculptural or architectural project.
[1900–05; < French < Italian macchietta, diminutive of macchia a sketch, complex of lines]


(French: “small model”) A small wax or clay model made by a sculptor in preparation for larger work.
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The maquette marks a definitive stage in the development of Gormley's iconic sculpture as it transcended from human to gargantuan proportions.
It may be that the foundry, or the late sculptor's family, still has the moulds in storage; if so it could be recast or it could be laser enlarged from the original maquette to a high degree of accuracy and a new one made.
The original maquette that Stella produced for Kastara in India was about 24" x 18" x 6".
The crafting of the rubber molds from the original maquette, or model, is labor-intensive because cosmetic features are particularly important.
It also enables the students to experience the role that scale played for Moore, throughout the three stages of his working process: maquette, working model and monumental sculpture.
King accompanied his family on a visit to see the maquette of a bronze statue that the Tranmere Rovers Supporters Trust plan to erect outside Prenton Park.
Angel of the North maquette, 1994 On display at Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead The Angel of the North, by Antony Gormley, was erected in Gateshead in 1998.
Laden with possibility and redundancy in equal measure, the maquette is a kind of sculptural prototype, doomed to supersession by the finished work.
STATUE The maquette of Antony Gormley's Angel of the North which has sold for over pounds 600,000 at Sotherby's
The 18-inch tall resin maquette is one of only ten scaled-down versions of the 7ft Cloughie statue by Vivien Mallock now in Albert Park.