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A usually scaled-down version or model of an intended work such as a sculpture or mural.

[French, from Italian macchietta, sketch, diminutive of macchia, spot, from Latin macula.]


(Art Terms) a sculptor's small preliminary model or sketch
[C20: from French, from Italian macchietta a little sketch, from macchia, from macchiare, from Latin maculāre to stain, from macula spot, blemish]


(mæˈkɛt, mə-)

a small model or study in three dimensions for a sculptural or architectural project.
[1900–05; < French < Italian macchietta, diminutive of macchia a sketch, complex of lines]


(French: “small model”) A small wax or clay model made by a sculptor in preparation for larger work.
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He then created a final maquette that was approved by the superintendent, the principal and the school board.
AaThe exhibition also includes photos and documents portraying Golan in the pre-occupation era, and a maquette of Golan by the governorates' artists.
The SLS process significantly shortens the production time from the maquette to the casting while retaining the artistic detail.
The 4ft-high bronze maquette was used to persuade councillors to commission the statue and was so heavy it required five people to carry it in for filming.
Inside was a treasure trove - the world's greatest collection of English sporting art topped up by scenes of Longchamp by Degas and, gorgeously, a set of little Degas ballet dancers in bronze and in wax maquette.
You could use math skills to calculate proportions and the ratio of the maquette to the final sculpture.
In addition, the exhibit showcases artifacts such as an actual base used on Opening Day in Citizens Bank Park, a swatch of Astroturf from Veterans Stadium as well as a plaster maquette of the statue of Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt that greets fans outside the third base gate entrance to Citizens Bank Park.
Les stagiaires se verront decerner, a l'issue de leur formation, un brevet de technicien superieur (BTS) en arts graphiques scinde en 5 specialites : communication et industries graphiques, etude et realisation de produits graphiques, etude et realisation de produits imprimes, creation d'emballage, infographie maquette et edition.
GARY Moore was stuck in traffic on the way to Newbury and missed watching speedy filly Bronze Maquette deliver one of his best Flat successes to date in the Bathwick Tyres St Hugh's Stakes.
Supporters and club officials were given a first glimpse of how the statue will look at the weekend when sculptor Tom Murphy put a maquette, or miniature version of the work, on display at Prenton Park, prior to Rovers' home game against Brentford.
With every maquette that is purchased, Williams-Ellis gets a step closer to funding the creation of the full-size statue, and Oriel Ynys Mon edges closer to having a magnificent, lasting memorial to a truly remarkable painter.