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A usually scaled-down version or model of an intended work such as a sculpture or mural.

[French, from Italian macchietta, sketch, diminutive of macchia, spot, from Latin macula.]


(Art Terms) a sculptor's small preliminary model or sketch
[C20: from French, from Italian macchietta a little sketch, from macchia, from macchiare, from Latin maculāre to stain, from macula spot, blemish]


(mæˈkɛt, mə-)

a small model or study in three dimensions for a sculptural or architectural project.
[1900–05; < French < Italian macchietta, diminutive of macchia a sketch, complex of lines]


(French: “small model”) A small wax or clay model made by a sculptor in preparation for larger work.
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On view in the "Paul Simon: Words & Music" exhibit are "instruments, records, sheet music, handwritten lyrics, photography, costumes, and stage maquettes, as well as listening stations and performance footage.
Des maquettes de l'engin ont cependant deja fait l'objet d'essais et une version grandeur nature du vehicule devrait pouvoir etre testee d'ici la fin de l'annee 2017, a annonce Matthias Thomsen, le directeur general pour la mobilite aerienne urbaine d'Airbus, cite par Le Monde.
The exhibit includes maquettes, scale models of seemingly unfinished sculptures of futuristic houses and cities.
Avec ses nombreux ecrans, ses tablettes electroniques (parfois defectueuses), ses piles de papier--car la technologie ne supprime pas le papier et elle le multiplie, parfois--, ses maquettes et autres documents numeriques, on pouvait avoir l'impression qu'il y a tout un monde--qui n'est pas forcement accessible a tous--entre la conception d'un batiment et le fait d'en faire l'experience physiquement.
Les &oelig;uvres exposees sont toutes construites sur le base de maquettes architecturales evoquant les contours de differents edifices modernes et parfois futuristes, differemment percus par les visiteurs, pour arriver a une &oelig;uvre sobre habillant d'ombre, de lumiere et de couleurs ce qui s'apparente a des buildings, des maisons ou des villes.
Contract notice: Performing vectorization plans in the form of digital 3d maquettes for the constitution of a heritage database.
battle The artists will be asked to produce small models - or maquettes - of a statue so the public can vote for their favourite.
Michael Auping, chief curator at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, will assemble some 120 works--paintings, reliefs, maquettes, sculptures, and drawings--the earliest items dating from 1958, the marvelous exploratory year leading up to the "Black Paintings" of 1959, and the most recent, K.
Aintree has also partnered up with Falkirk Council to showcase Scottish sculptor Andy Scott's award-winning Kelpies Maquettes at the racecourse.
The collection, which will be available to view from Friday, September 12, features pieces from her early jewellery in paper and plastic, through to geometric jewels in precious metals, stone, glass and ceramic, and to a series of images and maquettes representing her output of public art commissions including the latest Hyde Park Gates.
Seven maquettes for buildings that Gehry has designed around the world, including the Facebook Campus, Walt Disney Concert Hall, and the Guggenheim Museums in Bilbao and Abu Dhabi, are positioned on tables in the space.
Although the Tobin Collection includes examples from the late-1700s to the mid-1900s, most of the McNay's approximately 200 maquettes are from this formative period.