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 (mə-kē′lə, mä-kē′lä)
A maquiladora.
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There's the just-scraping-by seamstress in "Maquila Bird" and the young Depression-era woman in "Leaping Clear," both of whom are willing to go to any length to provide a secure future fortheir children.
There are signs of economic diversification both in terms of higher value-added agricultural production (eg such as soybean oil processing) as well as new sectors such "maquila" manufacturing tied to the Brazilian market in such areas as automobile parts and textiles.
The Dominican Republic's maquila sector has enjoyed healthy growth in recent years, according to World Bank figures, and local media reports describe a dynamic and pro-investment atmosphere in the industry.
Monica Gambrill, Mas alla de la maquila: contribucion de la subcontratacion internacional al desarrollo de China, UNAM-CISAN, Mexico, 2016, 129 pp.
Legislation also lures investors--principally foreign--through low payroll taxes and an attractive regime for the maquila industry.
The company added that this acquisition strengthens its position in Chihuahua state that is near the US border and is an economically driven area with maquila and manufacturing industries.
Her concept of "affect-culture" arises out of the embodied specificities of Mexican maquila workers' organizing struggles but it suggests an approach having much broader purchase.