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1. Any of several tropical American plants of the genus Maranta, including the arrowroot, having thin, ovate, usually spotted leaves and irregular flowers.
2. An edible starch made from these plants.

[After Bartolomeo Maranta (died 1571), Italian herbalist.]
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(Plants) any plant of the tropical American rhizomatous genus Maranta, some species of which are grown as pot plants for their showy leaves in variegated shades of green: family Marantaceae
[named after Bartolomea Maranti, died 1571, Venetian botanist]
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Noun1.maranta - any of numerous herbs of the genus Maranta having tuberous starchy roots and large sheathing leavesmaranta - any of numerous herbs of the genus Maranta having tuberous starchy roots and large sheathing leaves
herb, herbaceous plant - a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests
genus Maranta - herbs of tropical America
American arrowroot, Maranta arundinaceae, obedience plant, arrowroot - white-flowered West Indian plant whose root yields arrowroot starch
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(Orlando), Juglans regia (Juglandaceae) (Orlando), Cocos nucifera (Arecaceae) (Fort Lauderdale), Maranta sp.
One of the easiest ways to increase your stock is to divide plants - suitable plants include adiantum, aspidistra, calathea, maranta, chlorophytum and fittonia.
Rivadavia, Los Blancos, canada a 3 km del pueblo, hacia el W, 26-I-1983, Maranta & Arenas 311 (MO).
The 19-storey building is designed by renowned architects Miller & Maranta, while the "Timeless Modern" interiors incorporating several design classics, is created by Matteo Thun.
Extracted from the root of maranta, a tropical plant, this flavourless powder is useful for quickly thickening sauces and soups.
Dioscorea Anga (GU) C prehensilis Benth Ebenaceae Diospyros Maranta (SH) T mespiliformis Hoechst Erythroxylaceae Erythroxylon Tiriga (GU) H fischeri Engle Bridelia micrantha Yejega (GU) T Hoechst Croton macrostachyus Shekeshek (SH) T Del.
Sumi, "Evaluation of Antidiarrheal Activity of Methanolic Extract of Maranta arundinacea Linn.
Earlier scholars such as Bartolomeo Maranta (who published in 1564) had explicitly associated meraviglia with the epic genre, but Maranta defines the term as a simple aesthetic pleasure; (31) Tasso draws on a newer definition developed by Longinus's early translators, ultimately defining the concept as poetic astonishment or ravishment.