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One that participates in a marathon, especially a marathon runner.

mar′a·thon′ing n.


(Athletics (Track & Field)) a person who runs in a marathon


(ˈmær əˌθɒn ər, -θə nər)

a runner in a marathon.
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Noun1.marathoner - someone who participates in long-distance races (especially in marathons)marathoner - someone who participates in long-distance races (especially in marathons)
runner - a trained athlete who competes in foot races
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Kipchoge's wife Grace Sugut who attended the session said the celebrated marathoner had assured her that he would win.
The Philippine Track and Field Association has excluded Rio de Janeiro Olympian Mary Joy Tabal from its athletes roster for the Southeast Asian Games in Kuala Lumpur-but the country's top marathoner still holds on to the hope that she can represent the country.
Matthew Norminton came to Eugene looking for the marathoner's hat trick - course record, personal record and victory.
And as every marathoner knows, consuming carbohydrate will increase your glycogen for a pre-exercise snack.
In summary, this is a superior text, one that any serious marathoner who is practicing medicine or who offers medical or scientific training advice to runners should have in their library.
Hands-down the country's top lady marathoner, the pride of Barangay Guba in Cebu is the reigning Milo marathon queen, having won the premier long-distance race four times in a row since 2013.
The others are boxers Charly Suarez and Rogen Ladon, hurdler Eric Cray, long jumper Marestella Torres, marathoner Mary Joy Tabal, Ian Lariba of table tennis, golfer Miguel Tabuena, taekwondo jin Kirstie Elaine Alora, lifter Nestor Colonia, swimmers Jessie Khing Lacuna and Jasmine Alkhaldi and Filipino-Japanese judoka Kodo Nakano.
Still, the midpack marathoner looking to shed a few pounds may well have come across statistics that make some versions of these diets seem tempting.
It takes a dedicated marathoner to keep up with Mel, whose mileage seldom drops below 50 miles a week.
Marathoner Mary Joy Tabal validated one personal battlecry at the Rio Olympics on Monday: She never quits a race.
SocksLane sponsored several runners who participated in the event, one of which is Steven Anderson who has been participating in the event since 2016 and has been a marathoner for ten years.
From start to tape, 89-year-old John Ruengo runs with the grace of a seasoned runner, dazzling many as he navigates hills and valleys, sometimes beating runners half his age.Fuelled by camel soup, which he says oils his knees, the octogenarian marathoner, John Ruengo, has mastered his sport and is unmatched in the country among his age mates.