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1. Made of or covered with marble: a marbled façade.
2. Having streaks of fat: a well-marbled beef roast.
3. Mottled or streaked like marble.
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Adj.1.marbled - patterned with veins or streaks or color resembling marblemarbled - patterned with veins or streaks or color resembling marble; "marbleized pink skin"
patterned - having patterns (especially colorful patterns)
مُعَرَّق كالمَرْمَر
sem er meî marmaraáferî


[ˈmɑːbld] ADJ
1. (= covered with marble) [floor, pillar, room] → revestido de mármol
2. (= patterned, streaked) [paper, tabletop, work surface] → marmolado; [meat] → con vetas de grasa; [soap] → con vetas
marbled effectefecto m marmolado


adj surface, paper, wall, soap, colourmarmoriert; marbled effect/finishMarmoreffekt m; meat marbled with fatdurchwachsenes Fleisch


(ˈmaːbl) noun
1. a kind of hard, usually highly polished stone, cold to the touch. This table is made of marble; (also adjective) a marble statue.
2. a small hard ball of glass used in children's games. The little boy rolled a marble along the ground.
ˈmarbled adjective
having irregular streaks of different colours, like some types of marble. marbled stonework.
ˈmarbles noun singular
any of several games played with marbles. The boys were playing marbles.
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Marbled grey and white wallpaper, PS20 per roll, Graham & Brown
Delahaye marbled wallpaper, seen in cobalt, PS59 per 10m roll, from a collection due later this year, from the Jardin Des Plantes collection, Designers Guild, tel: 020 7351 5775,
"I'm a fan and am definitely using the stone in the kitchen, and may consider a marbled wallpaper for one room.