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tr.v. mar·ble·ized, mar·ble·iz·ing, mar·ble·iz·es
To marble.
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Adj.1.marbleized - patterned with veins or streaks or color resembling marblemarbleized - patterned with veins or streaks or color resembling marble; "marbleized pink skin"
patterned - having patterns (especially colorful patterns)
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But soon the fore part of him slowly rose from the water; for an instant his whole marbleized body formed a high arch, like Virginia's Natural Bridge, and warningly waving his bannered flukes in the air, the grand god revealed himself, sounded, and went out of sight.
The look is evolving to include marbleized designs.
Among the topics are from dualistic autonomous concurrency to marbleized permissive concurrency in American federalism, concurrent powers in Italy: the new state-centered approach and prospects for reform, concurrency powers in the European Union and their impact on the powers of member states, fiscal federation and the concurrency of taxing powers in Argentina: a historical perspective, and the concurrency of power in deeply divided countries: the case of Yemen's draft constitution of 2015.
One day, when I went to sit with them, Sarah slid her green marbleized plastic tray over to the empty spot on the table next to her.
I have also had my students make marbleized paper by using bright colored chalk dust sprinkled into large water vats.
Stella McCartney x Adidas muse Caroline Wozniacki of Poland looks unflappable in her color-block dress with marbleized prints on the front and back.
This is the go-to source for premium designer and personalized product, and the cases come in a variety of marbleized designs, multi-colored patterns and quirky motifs, like this flower-crown-wearing dog (https://www.
Arrange your bounty on the table with a few branches, and then add a few designer pumpkins in stunning marbleized colors, and you are set for the glorious season.
Turn an old wooden stool into a showcase side table with marbleized contact paper and metallic spray paint.
Green Tiger has green and yellow striping with a faint marbleized red to yellow-green interior.
Backgrounds that employ simple gradients appear hastier than those that feature mountainous landscapes, careful cloud patterns, and in one beautiful instance, marbleized paper to represent ocean waves.
Ogata Kamio's (b 1949) marbleized stoneware is notable for the ways that complex geometric shapes, pleated surfaces, .