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tr.v. mar·ble·ized, mar·ble·iz·ing, mar·ble·iz·es
To marble.
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Noun1.marbleizing - a texture like that of marblemarbleizing - a texture like that of marble  
texture - the characteristic appearance of a surface having a tactile quality
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The final section, "Just for Fun," is a catch-all chapter with various endeavors ranging from body tracing to marbleizing and more.
I love the look of Italian marbleizing on paper and other objects of art and used the same ancient and simple techniques and materials to add the lovely combination of swirling colors to simple craft-store pumpkins.
Also new are three nail art kits: French Manicure, Gems and Jewels, and Tips and Tricks (for such special nail effects as fading and "marbleizing").
As John Armleder says in an interview in the catalogue, the marbleizing of the surfaces of some of the planks (Untitled, 1974, which is black and blue; Untitled #V, 1985, in yellow with dark veining) recalls the psychedelia of the '60s.