marched upon

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Adj.1.marched upon - being or having been trodden or marched onmarched upon - being or having been trodden or marched on
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A mass of wet grass, marched upon, rustled like silk.
Make way, sir, and let me pass"; and Lord Steyne seized up his hat, and, with flame in his eyes, and looking his enemy fiercely in the face, marched upon him, never for a moment doubting that the other would give way.
They had marched upon a camp of our excursionists by the Jordan, and the pilgrims only saved their lives by stealing away and flying to Jerusalem under whip and spur in the darkness of the night.
While the ancient Roman warrior leader got his way in the lands he marched upon with the formidable might of his elite legions, the Pope does it gently in the countries he visits, armed with his faith and message of love, mercy and compassion.
From the wings and through the crowd, a host of actors dressed as animals marched upon the stage, including a floppy–eared elephant and a loping rhino brushing past those in the stalls .
The heroine of this glorious bit of history was one Jemima Fawr who marched upon Llanwnda and rounded up 12 Frenchmen.
All 11 United starters were magnificent in what was an almighty humiliation for red-and-white strutters who had marched upon St James' Park with the second best defensive record in the Premier League.
Armies of people marched upon Capitol Hill to defend or reform the multitude of programs, institutions and policies designed to help people in need.
"There was a thunder in the air as when the Fascisti marched upon Rome," wrote one journalist close to the Roosevelt camp of the fevered climate that chilly March weekend.
On June 27, 2004, more than one million Mexicans marched upon Mexico City's Zocalo, demanding the national and local authorities to take action against the wave of violence that had been plaguing the country.
While the younger women had been meeting with Lysistrata, the older women had marched upon the Acropolis and seized it.
Trewick and Oxford marched upon Wembley for the 1986 League Cup final.