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 (mär-kā′zə, -kĕ′zä)
n. pl. mar·che·se (-zā, -zĕ)
1. The wife or widow of a marchese.
2. An Italian noblewoman ranking above a countess and below a princess.
3. Used as the title for such a noblewoman.

[Italian, feminine of marchese, marchese; see marchese.]


n, pl -se (-ze)
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in Italy) the wife or widow of a marchese; marchioness


(mɑrˈkeɪ zə)

n., pl. -se (-zā).
1. an Italian noblewoman equivalent in rank to a marquise.
2. the wife or widow of a marchese.
[1790–1800; < Italian: feminine of marchese marchese]
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I shall not go out this evening; tell the carriage to go and fetch the Signora Marchesa," she said when the maid came.
Infinite Variety: The Life and Legend of the Marchesa Casati, 3rd Edition
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The popular New York-based fashion house specialises in luxury womenswear, with founding British designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig creating a popular lifestyle brand over the past 12 years, including eveningwear, Marchesa Notte and Notte Bridal, handbags and shoes, as well as collections of both fine and fashion jewellery, according to a press statement.
The duchess teamed the tiara with a dress by Marchesa and a necklace borrowed from the Queen.
There was the perfectly preened and smoothed look, as seen at Balmain, Carolina Herrera and Marchesa, or the artfully messy wet-look vibe seen at Markus Lupfer.
Names including Ralph & Russo, Marchesa and Victoria Beckham are being bandied about.
Deepwater Horizon star Kate Hudson looked particularly fabulous in a slasheddown-to-here, slit-upto-there Marchesa gown with a floral garland.
A la izquierda, mas elegante, con un vestido de Marchesa.