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 (mär-kā′zā, -kĕ′zĕ)
n. pl. mar·che·si (-zē)
1. An Italian nobleman ranking above a count and below a prince.
2. Used as the title for such a nobleman.

[Italian, from Medieval Latin (comēs) marcēnsis, (count) of the border, from marca, border region, of Germanic origin; see merg- in Indo-European roots.]
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n, pl -si (-zi)
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in Italy) a nobleman ranking below a prince and above a count; marquis
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(mɑrˈkeɪ zeɪ)

n., pl. -si (-zē).
an Italian nobleman equivalent in rank to a marquis.
[1510–20; < Italian; see marquis]
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You are the son of the Marchese Cavalcanti and the Marchesa Oliva Corsinari.
If he were only a count or a marchese! He must wonder at his luck, at the way they have taken him up."
"It is very true," Winterbourne pursued, "that Daisy and her mamma have not yet risen to that stage of--what shall I call it?--of culture at which the idea of catching a count or a marchese begins.
Crawley had an assembly which was attended by the Duchess (Dowager) of Stilton, Duc de la Gruyere, Marchioness of Cheshire, Marchese Alessandro Strachino, Comte de Brie, Baron Schapzuger, Chevalier Tosti, Countess of Slingstone, and Lady F.
(Marchese) Washnock, 72, passed away peacefully at home Monday morning, May 20, 2019, surrounded by her loving family and friends.
LA Human Resources Services will be led by Cynthia Marchese, a new hire at Lusk Albertson who previously was the director of human resources for Midland Public Schools.
Marchese discussed the effect of having these documents in place during medical treatment and the "pecking order" and the special rules that apply when these documents are not in place.
NAI Avant broker John Gregory represented buyer Marchese Holding LLC, doing business as Finishing Touch Team, in the sale of a 14,560-square-foot industrial building at 7620 Woodrow St.
* ABA Packaging: welcomed Liana Marchese, granddaughter of founder Leonardo Marchese, to the company nearly 35 years after it was founded.
It was listed by Rose Marchese of John Savoretti Realty and sold by Frank Mosca of Realty Connect USA LI.
In what is being hailed as "a major initiative to transformthe commercial experience on its networks,"Fox Networks Group (FNG) President of Advertising Revenue Joe Marchese unveiled what are being billed as "JAZ" pods.