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n. Archaic

[Ultimately (perhaps partly via German Marzipan obsolete French marcepain and influenced by obsolete English pain, bread) from Italian marzapane; see marzipan.]


(Cookery) an archaic word for marzipan1
[C15: from French]



[1485–95; < French, dial. variant of massepain, marcepain < Italian marzapane]
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Noun1.marchpane - almond paste and egg whitesmarchpane - almond paste and egg whites    
candy, confect - a rich sweet made of flavored sugar and often combined with fruit or nuts
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Fines, lost goods, taxes, expenses, loyal charges, salaries, damages, and interests, gehenna, prison, and jail, and fetters with expenses are Christmas spice cake and marchpanes of Saint-John to him
Dazzling creations made of marchpane, the forerunner of marzipan, will be among the festive treats from bygone days on display, and there will be workshops on making crafts of the period.
O Antwerp, Antwerp, Now Madame Marchpane, minx, your blows And you are one.
ELIZABETHAN MARCHPANE TART - Original recipe from Robert May, The Accomplisht Cook TAKE two pound of almonds blanched and beaten in a stone mortar, till they begin to come to a fine paste, then take a pound of sifted sugar put it in the mortar with the almonds, and make it into a perfect paste, putting to it now and then in the beating of it a spoonful of rose-water to keep it from oyling.
01 in-running losers on Betfair yesterday as he lost out to Marchpane at Newbury
Add a little marchpane - a sweet almond paste - and some cordal sac posset (or to you and me, heated sherry to which egg yolks and boiled cream are added).
Clearly, the celebration of the city's identity through the processions and ceremonies was conveyed by clever use of emblematic techniques, complemented in the climactic Guild Feast by the design not only of trenchers but of the very food that was eaten, not least the sugar and marchpane.
It was a dream full of Arcadian poetry, but with no firm ground underfoot, as if the floors were made of marchpane and sugar plate and wet comfits, and so I lost my footing and fell through.